Who reads the gunslinger audiobook?

George Guidall
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Listening Length 7 hours and 20 minutes
Author Stephen King
Narrator George Guidall
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Audible.com Release Date January 01, 2016

Who narrates The Dark Tower audiobooks?

George Guidall, a prolific Audie Award-winning narrator, took over the series after Muller’s death. Like his predecessor, Guidall masterfully voices the intrigue, adventure, and danger of The Dark Tower.

Was the gunslinger black in the books?

Roland Deschain is presumed to be white in King’s book. In the case of Roland, not only has he been depicted as white on cover illustrations, but his race plays a part in the story, specifically when he encounters Detta Walker, the irritable and occasionally violent alter-ego of Odetta Holmes.

Is The Dark Tower anything like the book?

Unlike more traditional adaptations, The Dark Tower movie is not a retelling of one of the original books, but an expansion. The Dark Tower movie features aspects from the entire series, keeping some, abandoning others, and tweaking even more. But the one thing that is constant is the hero, gunslinger Roland Deschain.

How long is the Dark Tower series?

4,250 pages
In addition to the eight novels of the series proper that comprise 4,250 pages, many of King’s other books relate to the story, introducing concepts and characters that come into play as the series progresses.

Who read the gunslinger?

But good as The Gunslinger was the second book, The Drawing of the Three, saw a change of narrator as Frank Muller took over the reins. One thing is obvious – Frank Muller was born to read these books. He is simply magnificent and the way in which he brings each character to life is stunning.

Why is the gunslinger chasing the man in black?

He wants to destroy the tower, and, as is mentioned often in the books, he is both chasing and being chased by, Roland. So Roland’s quest to stop the Man in Black from carrying out his evil plan of destruction is pretty important, all things considered.