Who voices the announcer in Just Cause 3?

The announcer is voiced by Scottish actor David Tennant.

Can you save the announcer in Just Cause 3?

As confirmed, on the International Movies Database; the “Propaganda Minister” is listed as “voice only”. As such, it is currently unlikely that he can be rescued, as there is no credit for the character model being in the game.

Is David Tennant in Just Cause?

David Tennant (not actually named in the game) is a character in Just Cause 3.

Where is Medici Just Cause 3?

Mediterranean Sea
The Republic of Medici (pronounced “Med – ih – chee”) is a fictional nation in the Mediterranean Sea in which Just Cause 3 takes place.

Where is di Ravello Just Cause 3?

Location. It is located in the province of Regno, on the southern coast of Insula Striate.

Where is the news helicopter in Just Cause 3?


  1. Three of these are parked on the roofs of Citate Di Ravello buildings. One has a D.R.M. captain near it.
  2. N 40 44.065 E 5 45.255 – Perla Est in Costa Sud province, edge of town. Note that this spawns on a ground helipad that can spawn other helicopters as well, so it may not appear every time.

What happens if you shoot di Ravello?

He kills himself by falling into lava. If the player decides to shoot him, he clutches the wound before (also) falling into the lava. Sandbox Mode is unlocked after killing Di Ravello At the end of the game.

Is Bavarium real?

Its appearance is similar to the real-life element gold. Discovered by Medici’s tyrannical ruler Sebastiano Di Ravello in the late 1980s, Bavarium is referred to as a “supermineral” in reference to its near-infinite potential.

Why is Di Ravello bad?

Di Ravello can be unpredictable and has a ferocious temper. He can be calm and collected one moment but raging violently the next. As evidenced by the missions A Terrible Reaction, A Long and Dangerous Road, and Bavarium on a Plane, he has almost no tolerance for those who fail him, try his patience, or get in his way.

What happens if I don’t shoot Di Ravello?

Reportedly, Di Ravello is not programmed to fly out of the crater, so if you do make it out, he might crash into a crater wall and blow up the helicopter.

How do you get the Weimaraner w3 in Just Cause 3?

The easiest ways to obtain one of these is to use a helicopter and airlift it to the mainland or the Urga Hroch. Both are available at the nearby Porto Coclea military base, if you take the first location.