Who was the designer of the C3 Corvette?

All the C3 Corvette specs are broken out by year model. David R. Mclellan, and Jerry Palmer worked on the C4 Corvette design. Few cars in history have ever been more eagerly anticipated than the arrival of the C4 Corvette.

What are the specs of a new Corvette?

Below, we have all the Corvette C5 specs, from performance numbers to engine specs, options, colors and pricing. All the C5 Corvette specs are broken out by year model. The C6 Corvette was virtually all new including new bodywork with exposed headlamps and more aggressive stance than the C5.

What was the look of the first Corvette?

The car had a uniquely masculine, muscular, almost predatory look. In the days that followed the Motorama, the Chevrolet Corvette– the first true American sports car – was born. Below, we have all the Corvette C1 specs, from performance numbers to recall information, options, colors and pricing.

What should I expect from a Corvette C8 ZR1?

The exterior will feature a “wide body” design, with flared fenders front and back to accommodate larger wheels and tires, bigger brakes and more capable powertrain cooling. Expect active aerodynamics on the C8 ZR1, with an active spoiler and potentially an active aero system at the front end.

What are the production numbers for a 2013 Corvette?

Option Description and Codes with year-end total numbers. Totals include the 2013 Corvette base coupe, Grand Sport Coupe, base convertible, Grand Sport convertible, 427 Collector, ZO6, ZR1 and the grand totals for each option.

What was the first Corvette with independent rear suspension?

First Corvette with independent rear suspension: Also in 1963, the sports car’s 10th year of production, the C2 became the first Corvette with an independent rear suspension. The design incorporated a transverse leaf spring, and it has remained a part of the Corvette’s suspension design for the last 55 years.

What was the first Corvette with a hood scoop?

Chevy also put this engine in 69 Camaros that year. First Corvette with a functional hood scoop: Functional ram air systems, drawing air from outside the engine compartment to feed the engine cooler and denser air, became popular on muscle cars in the 1960s, and most systems used a hood scoop.