Who won Evo 2013?

Tournament:EVO 2013

EVO 2013
winners Mango
Director(s) Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar
EVO Staff Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, Shoryuken (SRK) James Chen (LevelUp Live)

Who won Evo 2013 smash melee?

Joey “Mr Wizard” Cuellar
Posting to Twitter today, Shoryuken’s Joey “Mr Wizard” Cuellar crowned Super Smash Bros. Melee the unofficial winner of the donation drive after the game raised $94,683, putting it ahead of Skullgirls ($78,760) and Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo ($39,567).

Who won Evo 2015?

Evolution 2015, or simply EVO 2015, was the 14th edition of the Evolution Championship Series, a fighting game tournament held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, which took place on July 17th to 19th, 2015 at the Bally’s Las Vegas / Paris Las Vegas Casino….Tournament:EVO 2015.

EVO 2015
winners ZeRo
Director(s) Mr. Wizard

Who won Evo 2017 melee?

Tournament:EVO 2017

EVO 2017
Entry fees Melee singles: $10 Smash Wii U singles: $10
winners Armada
winners Salem

Will Evo 2021 have smash?

Evo will be online this year, meaning Super Smash Bros. is missing from the lineup once again.

Who won Evo 2020 smash?

Initially, EVO Japan 2020 had 2,988 entrants, making it the second largest Super Smash Bros….Tournament:EVO Japan 2020.

EVO Japan 2020
Attendance 1,819
winners Shuton

Who won Evo 2017 smash?

Evo 2017

Tournament information
Venue(s) Mandalay Bay
Final positions
Champions SFV: Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi SSB4: Saleem “Salem” Young T7: Hyun-jin “JDCR” Kim BBCF: Ryusei Ito UMvC3: Rene “RyanLV” Romero SSBM: Adam “Armada” Lindgren IJ2: Ryan “Dragon” Walker GGXrdR2: Omito Hashimoto KOFXIV: Jiahong “E.T.” Lin

Who won Smash 4 Evo?

Smash 4 Winners Edit

Year Player Runner-up
2015 Gonzalo Barrios Mr. R
2016 Elliot Carroza-Oyarce Kameme
2017 Saleem Akiel Young ZeRo
Japan 2018 Leonardo Lopez Perez Abadango

Who won smash 418 EVO?

Tournament:EVO 2018

EVO 2018
winners Leffen
winners Lima
Director(s) Mr. Wizard, Bear, Ponder, inkblot, MarkMan

Who won Tekken 7 Evo 2018?

Prize pool

Place Prize Player
1st $9,258 LowHigh
2nd $3,086 Qudans
3rd $1,543 Lil Majin
4th $617.20 JDCR

Is Evo dead?

Evo, the biggest fighting game event of the year, has been canceled after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced regarding the event’s its co-founder and president, Joey Cuellar. Its cancellation comes after a number of Evo’s partners were beginning to distance themselves from the event.

Will melee come back to Evo?

For the first time in 5 years, Super Smash Bros Melee will not be a main feature at EVO 2019. Rather, it will take the role of a side tournament this year. This makes Smash Ultimate the only Smash title as part of the main 9 titles.

What kind of games are at EVO 2013?

The event featured a major tournament for nine fighting games, including Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Injustice: Gods Among Us. The event’s Super Smash Bros. Melee livestream was controversially blocked by Nintendo of America, though the company decided to allow the tournament to be streamed after being faced with community backlash.

Where did EVO 2013 take place in Las Vegas?

Evo 2013 took place on July 12 to 14 in the Bally’s Event Center and Grand Ballroom of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The event featured open registration for its tournaments for the first time. However, attendees had to purchase entrance passes to access the building. Tournaments held at the event were livestreamed on Twitch.

Where can I watch the EVO tournament in Japan?

The tournament was broadcast simultaneously in Japan through streaming service Nico Nico Douga. Tournaments at Evo 2013 had a total of 3,538 unique competitors, a record over previous years.