Who wrote Return to the Forbidden Planet?

Bob Carlton
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What is the plot of Return to the Forbidden Planet?

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the 1956 sci-fi classic film Forbidden Planet, Return to the Forbidden Planet finds a spaceship, helmed by Captain Tempest, making an emergency landing on the uncharted planet D’Illyria.

Which Shakespeare play is the 1956 film Forbidden Planet loosely based on?

The influence of Westerns (particularly, of course, Shane) on the film is obvious, but equally important are echoes of two other productions: classic 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet and the Shakespeare play that it’s loosely based on, The Tempest. The Tempest is the story of the magician Prospero.

When was Forbidden Planet released?

February 21, 1957 (Hong Kong)
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What happened to the Krell?

Eventually, Rex lowered his weapon as he didn’t have the resolve to execute his commanding officer. As Krell began to respond to Rex’s weakness, he was shot in the back. Dogma had seized Fives’ blaster and shot Krell dead.

Was the movie Forbidden Planet based on a book?

The Outer Limits episode “The Man with the Power” revisits the premise of a person’s subconscious manifesting as a destructive, murderous entity. Forbidden Planets, a science fiction short story anthology inspired by the film, was released by DAW Books in 2006 as a mass-market paperback.

What is the main plot of The Tempest?

The Tempest Summary. Prospero uses magic to conjure a storm and torment the survivors of a shipwreck, including the King of Naples and Prospero’s treacherous brother, Antonio. Prospero’s slave, Caliban, plots to rid himself of his master, but is thwarted by Prospero’s spirit-servant Ariel.

How was Forbidden Planet made?

The film sets for Forbidden Planet were constructed on a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) sound stage at its Culver City film lot and were designed by Cedric Gibbons and Arthur Lonergan. The film was shot entirely indoors, with all the Altair IV exterior scenes simulated using sets, visual effects, and matte paintings.

What happens to Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet?

The original Robby the Robot remained in Malone’s original Forbidden Planet props collection for many years, until finally being sold by Bonhams Auctioneers in New York on November 21, 2017, for US$5,375,000. Robby became the most expensive film prop ever sold at auction.

What did the Krell from Forbidden Planet look like?

The Krell were originally frog-like in nature with two long legs and a big tail. They were never shown, but it was indicated in the original screenplay that the ramps between the steps were designed to accommodate their dragging tail.

Who is Krell skyward?

The varvax now maintain a space station close to the planet and act as guards to prevent the humans escaping. They often send drones to attack the Defiants in order to prevent them gaining too much technology. Before Spensa and M-Bot hacked their computer systems, the Defiants referred to them as the Krell.

Where did return to the Forbidden Planet play?

A revised in-door production appeared at The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool and the Tricycle Theatre in London. Return to the Forbidden Planet in its final version opened at the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End on September 11, 1989. It won the Olivier Award for Best New Musical for both 1989 and 1990.

Who is the composer of return to the Forbidden Planet?

Return to the Forbidden Planet is a jukebox musical by Bob Carlton, based on Shakespeare ‘s play The Tempest and the 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet, which is itself loosely based on The Tempest. The show features a score of 1950s and ’60s rock and roll classics and dialogue largely adapted from well-known passages from Shakespeare.

Who was the newsreader in return to the Forbidden Planet?

When the musical opened in Sydney, Australia, the beginning of a national tour, the newsreader was played by Clive “Robbo” Robertson, who performed a futuristic parody of his own late-night TV news show, “Newsworld”. An Australian cast album was released in 1991 by ATA Records.

Who is the mad scientist in return to the Forbidden Planet?

During the confusion, the Science Officer escapes the ship via shuttle craft. Their spaceship is drawn mysteriously to the planet D’Illyria where the crew meet mad scientist Doctor Prospero, who has been marooned on the planet since his wife and science partner Gloria sent him and their daughter Miranda into space.