Why BlackBerry battery drains quickly?

Playing games – Using a lot of processing power and having your screen on continuously can drain your battery faster. Using apps for long periods of time – Being constantly connected to the Internet, having your screen on continuously, or intense gameplay or graphics can drain your battery.

Why is my phone dropping battery draining so fast?

Apps and background services. Keep your apps in check if your phone’s battery is dying fast. Certain apps drain the battery more than others. This means the apps constantly operate in the background, using data, pulling your location, sending notifications, and more.

Why battery drains even when not in use?

Turn off settings like NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when not in use. In newer phones, you may also have a feature called Automatic Wi-Fi that can be disabled. You can find these in the Quick settings menu in the notification dropdown. A poor network connection can also cause your battery to drain really quickly.

How can I improve the battery life on my BlackBerry priv?

Slide down the top menu

  1. Slide down the top menu.
  2. Slide down the top menu again.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth and Location.
  4. Adjust brightness to the required level.
  5. Turn on Battery saver.
  6. Return to the Home screen and select the Recent apps button.
  7. Select CLEAR ALL to close all running apps.

What’s draining my phone battery?

Settings > Battery > Usage details Open Settings and tap on the Battery option. Next select Battery Usage and you’ll be given a breakdown of all the apps that are draining your power, with the most-hungry ones at the top. Some phones will tell you how long each app has been actively used – others won’t.

How many years does a BlackBerry Priv battery last?

The Canadian firm claims the BlackBerry Priv is good for 22.5 hours of “mixed usage” on a single charge with, and to be fair the Priv does get close to that figure. I found that the Priv comfortably saw out a full day (7:30am to 11:30pm) on a single charge.

Can you replace the battery in a BlackBerry Priv?

This replacement part, called the Blackberry Priv Replacement Battery BAT-60122-003, is a toxic-free Li-ion battery made specifically for Blackberry’s Priv model. This replacement part is rated at 3360mAh and 3.83V.