Why did Evie leave home and away?

Northeast had to relocate from her home town of Melbourne to Sydney for filming. She made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 3 September 2013. Northeast left Home and Away in 2016, and her character made her departure on 24 May 2017.

Who was Josh’s girlfriend in home and away?

Josh Barrett
Occupation Student
Residence Prison
Gender Male
Relationships Evelyn MacGuire (ex-fiancee) Maddy Osborne (ex-girlfriend) Louisa O’Brien (kissed, hook up) Unnamed girlfriend

Who did Matt marry in home and away?

They officially became a couple in episode 6569. * Matt said “I love you” to Evie for the first time in 6574. In episode 6620, Evie proposed to Matt and in the next episode got married.

Who were the Twins in home and away?

Jade Sutherland

  • Jade Sutherland is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Kate Garven.
  • Jade and her twin sister Kirsty Sutherland (Christie Hayes) claim to share a “telepathic” connection in which they know when one another are in trouble.

Is Philippa Northeast on Neighbours?

Jackson added that he still keeps in touch with some of his former cast members including Philippa Northeast, who played Evie MacGuire.

What happens to Matt in home and away?

She had previously taken him into her home and helped him through his troubles. She finds Matt collapsed on the floor as a result of too much alcohol.

Who killed Casey Braxton?

Jake Pirovic
Casey departed on 16 September, after he was shot dead by Jake Pirovic while trying to save his kidnapped half-brother Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher).

Who did Josh Barrett murder in Home and Away?

Home and Away has finally revealed who shot Charlotte King – and the outcome was a total shocker. Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) was responsible for the mysterious crime and was exposed as the culprit in a special 90-minute episode which aired in Australia today (May 5).

Who is Penny McNamee married to?

Matt Tookerm. 2009
Penny McNamee/Spouse

Does Penny McNamee leave home and away?

Home and Away star Penny McNamee has revealed she is exiting as Tori Morgan. First seen on screens in May 2016, Penny leaves after more than five years on the show. When asked what has been special about her time as Tori, Penny said: “Being gifted such an amazing character was incredible.

What happened to Ryder and jade in home and away?

When Ryder discovered Jade was stealing takings from Salt, he told his boss Mackenzie Booth, leading to Jade being arrested by the police. This led to Ryder being arrested and charged by the police, as well as losing his job at Salt.

Is Evan and Owen the same person in home and away?

Owen is the estranged twin brother of Evan Slater, also played by Daddo. Of playing two different roles on Home and Away, Daddo said “Fortunately, I had some time between playing the two characters. I was able to put Evan ‘to bed’ and then create the backstory of Owen.

Who is Evelyn MacGuire in home and away?

Evelyn “Evie” MacGuire is the daughter Ethan MacGuire and Sarah Wilson. She’s the twin sister of Oscar MacGuire and the younger half-sister of Denny Miller. She’s also the niece of Zac MacGuire and Hannah Wilson. She’s the ex-girlfriend of Tank Snelgrove and the ex-fiancee of Josh Barrett. She’s the wife of Matt Page .

How did Matt and Evie meet in home and away?

The two meet at Summer Bay High when Evie first attended to school and Matt and Evie develop a crush on each other, much concern to Evie’s twin brother Oscar McGuire, who hates Matt. Matt is also Evie’s first kiss.

What happens to Matt and Evelyn in home and away?

After Evelyn’s father died, Matt and Evie started hanging out again well at the surf club Matt kisses Evelyn which leads to Oscar starting a fight with him. They later attend to Chris Harrington ‘s party and dance together, before Evie was taken back home by her uncle Zac MacGuire.

Where did Evie and Oscar move to in home and away?

Evie said she’ll stay wherever Oscar wants to stay. Sasha moved out of her farmhouse, after her family moved away from the Bay and left the farmhouse to rent. Evie and Oscar knew it’s time for her and Oscar to move into a house with Zac and Hannah and tells them that they should move into the farm.