Why did Joel leave Hart of Dixie?

Joel (Josh Cooke) came back to Bluebell, but it wasn’t so he could win Zoe back. He revealed that he was dating a writer and had happily moved on. He even told Zoe that she needed to tell Wade her true feelings and hinted that Wade might feel the same way.

Who did Wade cheat with on Hart of Dixie?

But, I do think that Wade’s changed since then; he bought the Rammer Jammer and turned it into a successful business, he worked with Lemon, and he had a semi-functional relationship with Vivian Wilkes. He’s evolved, at least a little bit between cheating on Zoe in Season 2 and now, going into Season 4.

Why did Lemon Breeland leave in Season 3?

In Season 3, due to Jaime King’s maternity leave, fans lost Lemon when she went to go help out her grandma. And it was the best possible thing for her character, who’d spent most of her time post-breakup with George being sad and feeling like she’d wasted her life (which she had).

Who is lemon sleeping with Season 3?

In other Bluebell happenings: Lemon has a secret boyfriend, none other than Wade’s band buddy Meatball! (Wade’s reaction to said love connection is priceless.)….

What ends up happening in Hart of Dixie?

In the end, George and Annabeth move in together, George changes careers to become a music manager, Zoe and Wade get married (in a rushed ceremony, due to Zoe’s inhibitions about marriage and having gone into labor – they recite their vows while rushing towards the delivery room – delivering a baby boy), Lemon and …

Is Lemon pregnant in Season 3?

Jaime King The model-turned-actress was noticeably pregnant during season 3 of the CW series Hart of Dixie in 2013, and left a few episodes early for maternity leave as her character Lemon Breeland went to stay with her grandmother.

How does Zoe tell Wade she’s pregnant?

Zoe finds out that she’s pregnant in “The Curling Iron.” After Zoe finds out she is pregnant, Wade declares his love for her.

What happens in Season 3 of Hart of Dixie?

George decides to rekindle things with Tansy. It is Zoe’s birthday and she has to juggle two parties. Lemon’s return to Bluebell does not turn out as planned. Zoe’s mother tries to come into Zoe’s life and wants to help her get back her practice with a ruthless campaign against Brick.

Who are the actors in Hart of Dixie?

Josh Cooke as Joel Stephens. Reginald VelJohnson as Dash DeWitt. Brandi Burkhardt as Crickett Watts. McKaley Miller as Rose Hattenbarger. Claudia Lee as Magnolia Breeland. Mircea Monroe as Tansy Truitt. Laura Bell Bundy as Shelby Sinclair. Armelia McQueen as Shula Whitaker.

Why did Wade and Vivian break up in Hart of Dixie?

Wade comes clean with Harley, who vows to break up Wade and Vivian. Lynly’s jealousy for Tansy peaks and she and George break up. Shelby confesses her pregnancy to the Lt. Governor, who is the father of her baby, and leaves Bluebell to raise the child with him.

Who is still with Lavon from Hart of Dixie?

Annabeth is still with Lavon; Lavon’s cousin, Lynly, is in town and is getting on everyone’s nerves. Meanwhile, no one has seen or talked to George since he left for his tour. Brick and his fiancée, Shelby, broke up, and Lemon is sleeping with an unknown man.