Why did Tarrlok kill himself?

In an echo of their childhood flight from their father, Amon found Tarrlok in jail and asked him to flee Republic City together. Ultimately, Tarrlok ignited the fuel tank and killed them both because he knew that their continued existence would only bring about more misery.

When did Tarrlok kill himself?

Tarrlok and Amon in ‘The Legend of Korra’ died in the season one finale episode.

Who plays young Noatak?

Jacob BertrandThe Legend of Korra
Young Noatak/Voiced by

Is Yakone related to Hama?

This explanation would be that Yakone is actually Hama’s son, raised as the heir to her dark bloodbending tradition years before Hama ever came across Katara as a potential inheritor.

Is Tarrlok a villain?

Type of Villain Put an end to this sad story. Tarrlok encouraging Korra to stop Amon. Tarrlok is the secondary antagonist of Book One: Air in The Legend of Korra, the youngest member of the United Republic Council and the son of the notorious crime lord Yakone.

Who voices Tarrlok in Legend of Korra?

Dee Bradley BakerThe Legend of Korra
Tarrlok/Voiced by

Who is Aang voiced by?

Zach Tyler EisenAvatar the Last Airbender
D. B. SweeneyThe Legend of KorraGwenaël SommierAvatar the Last Airbender
Aang/Voiced by
Stamford, Connecticut, U.S. Zachary Tyler Eisen (born September 25, 1993) is an American former voice actor. He voiced Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lucas Nickle in The Ant Bully, Andrew in Nick Jr’s Little Bill and Pablo the Penguin in the American animated television series The Backyardigans.

Did Bloodbending exist before Hama?

Hama is considered to be the first bloodbender in Avatar: The Last Airbender’s history, but a theory suggests that there was another one before her. Bloodbending is one of the most powerful forms of bending in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it’s possible that Hama wasn’t the first bloodbender in the world.

Who are Yakone’s parents?

What did Tarrlok do to his brother in Legend of Korra?

Soon, Tarrlok grabbed one of the Equalists’ signature electric-shock gloves and held it over the boat’s fuel source. He looked at his brother one last time and affirmed Amon’s affections, by saying, “It’ll be just like the good old days”.

How old are Tarrlok and Noatak in Avatar?

At the age of seven, Tarrlok, along with Noatak, left on a supposed hunting trip with their father, far away from their home, during which Yakone revealed his true identity as the notorious former crime boss of Republic City and a once powerful bloodbender.

How did Tarrlok and his brother become waterbenders?

However, as he grew older, Tarrlok and his brother discovered they were waterbenders, and Yakone commenced their brutal training. Much to his father’s frustration, Tarrlok was not a prodigy like his brother, and thus was frequently the subject of Yakone’s outbursts of rage.

Why did Tarrlok refuse to be a bloodbent?

Noatak obeyed without hesitation, subduing Tarrlok into a painful state of submission. However, when ordered to do the same to his brother, Tarrlok refused, stating that being bloodbent felt awful. He voiced his lack of desire to cause anyone to have to endure the same and denounced his bloodbending abilities in front of his father.