Why did Witley Court burn down?

The declining fortune of the Dudleys saw the sale of the court after the First World War to a Kidderminster carpet manufacturer. In 1937 a major fire caused great damage to the court, the estate was broken up and sold and the house was subsequently stripped of its fittings and furnishings.

Who was Witley Court built for?

Samuel Daukes
John Nash
Witley Court and Gardens/Architects

When did English Heritage take over Witley Court?

Witley Court was the result of several phases of construction spread over almost 400 years. Originally a large Jacobean house, it was bought by the Foley family in 1655 who were to own Witley Court for over 180 years.

Who owns Whitley estate?

The Witley estate is sold for £900,000 (about £48 million today) to the trustees of 16-year-old William, Lord Ward, heir to vast industrial riches.

Where is Witley?

Witley is located in the county of Surrey, South East England, three miles south-west of the town of Godalming, seven miles south-west of the major town of Guildford, and 34 miles south-west of London. Witley lies five miles north-west of the West Sussex border.

Who has bought Witley Park?

In 1982 the estate, now comprising some 1,300 acres, was purchased by Sir Raymond and Lady Brown. In 2002 the Brown family sold the 450 acres of walled-off Parkland, Gate Lodges and Cottages, retaining Witley Park Farm to the south.

How did the fire at Witley Court damage the House?

Witley Court’s fire hydrants hadn’t been maintained so the fire spread unchecked, destroying the central and eastern sections. Herbert Smith’s insurers wouldn’t cover the cost of rebuilding, so Witley Court’s grounds were sold for farming, the house’s contents were auctioned off and the building stripped of anything of value over the next 20 years.

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What to see at Witley Court and gardens?

Discover elaborate parterre gardens and monumental fountains then find your way through enchanting woodland. As you explore the extensive grounds, remember to keep an eye out for the beautiful birds, including the great crested grebe, which make up Witley’s varied wildlife.