Why does my Lampe Berger not stay lit?

If your Lampe Berger will not light it’s not a sign of a worn out wick it is a sign of a stopped up wick from overfilling it. If it doesn’t light, repeat the process until it does. Next let the wick blaze until it turns back light gray. This can usually take about 20 minutes.

How long do you light a Lampe Berger?

Light the catalytic burner and let the flame burn for about 2 minutes. Blow out the flame and put the open protective top on your fragrance lamp. The average size room only requires about 20 minutes of use.

Why is Lampe Berger banned California?

Lamps Berger oil cannot be sent to California because of cali law. The lamp itself would not fit in a non toxic category, but the lamp without lampe Berger oil would not be toxic. You have a clean air act in California, Yes this product is non toxic and safe in every aspect.

Does Lampe Berger really purify air?

What are the benefits of the Lampe Berger? Lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air indoors like no other system. Catalytic diffusion, which has been perfected over the years, destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable odors.

How do you change the fragrance in a fragrance lamp?

If you wish to change Lamp Fragrance, remove the stone/wick assembly (placing it on a spill-resistant surface) and carefully pour remaining liquid from your Fragrance Lamp back into the original Lamp Fragrance bottle, using the funnel provided. Make sure the Fragrance Lamp is completely cool before you do this.

Can you mix Lampe Berger scents?

To enjoy the benefits of your Lampe Berger, you should not mix perfumes together. However, if you want to modulate the intensity, you can add Pure Air So Neutral to your Lampe Berger.

How does Lampe Berger purify the air?

The lamp purifies the air through eliminating odor-causing molecules and bacteria. Lampe Burger uses a catalytic burner that heats to burn an alcohol-based liquid fuel. The alcohol releases molecules into the air that eliminate odor while diffusing scent at the same time.

How does a Lampe Berger clean the air?

Is a Lampe Berger worth it?

Tried the lampe berger and it really does eliminate the stinky smells and leaves the room smelling fresh. It also helps with food smells, potent plastic smells (from new storage shelves), musty air, and even stinky garbage smells. I have used it every day since I got it, in multiple rooms in my house.

Is Lampe Berger toxic?

Lampe Berger is an alcohol based fragrance that burns clean and does not emit any harmful toxins or chemicals.

How to set up Lampe Berger fragrance oil?

Here is your Ultimate How to Use Lampe Berger Guide: How to set up a Lampe Berger lamp: Fill the lamp 2/3 full with Lampe Berger fragrance oil. Insert the wick firmly into the lamp pressing down on the metal ring. If the wick is completely dry, let the lamp sit with the cap on for 20 minutes so the wick can soak up the oil.

How do you use a Lampe Berger Wick?

1. Fill up the lamp bottle with a Lampe Berger fragrance not more than 2/3 of the bottle level. 2. Let the wick sit in the lamp with the stopper cap on. If it’s a first time use, let the wick soak for 20 minutes. Then remove the stopper cap.

How do you know if Lampe Berger is working?

Light the Lampe Berger wick burner. The flame will be large but there is no smoke or soot. After 2 minutes and blow out the flame. Put the vented cap on the lamp. Now the lamp is working and there is no smoke or flame. You know it’s working if you feel a little heat coming off the top of the lamp and you can smell the fragrance in the air.

How long does it take to clean Lampe Berger neutral oil?

When switching the fragrance oil to a new scent, it is recommended that you empty any remaining fragrance oil and burn Lampe Berger Neutral oil for about 20 minutes. This will clean your catalytic burner so it is ready for use with the new fragrance oil.