Why does my Nexus 5 keep turning off?

It could be that your battery is failing. Try turning your device off and letting it charge for approximately ten or twelve hours. Then turn your Nexus 5 on and see if it stays on. If it continues to randomly turn off, contact Google and request a replacement handset.

How can I make my Nexus 5 battery last longer?

  1. Head into Your Phone’s Settings.
  2. Tip #1Disable Wi-Fi During Sleep.
  3. Tip #2Avoid Poor Wi-Fi Connections.
  4. Tip #3Disable NFC.
  5. Tip #4Disable Auto Brightness.
  6. Tip #5Disable Unwanted System Apps.
  7. Tip #6Uninstall Apps That You No Longer Use.
  8. Tip #7Disable Syncing on Google Services You Don’t Use.

Why is my Nexus 5 battery draining so fast?

If your Marshmallow battery drain persists, the next step is to clear the system cache. Turn your Nexus 5 off, press and hold Power and Volume Down to access the Fastboot menu and use the volume buttons to highlight Recovery Mode. Then just restore your apps and data and your battery drain problems will be history.

How do I reset my Google Nexus 5?

Turn off the device. Press and hold the Volume down button, then press and hold the Power button at the same time until the phone turns on. Release both keys when it does.

Are there any problems with the Nexus 5?

Here are the most common Nexus 5 bugs, glitches, malfunctions, annoyances, and issues we’ve seen cropping up, with advice on how to tackle them. It’s fairly common to have the camera crash accompanied by the useless message “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped.”

Why is my Nexus 5 Compass not working?

Sometimes you may notice that your Nexus 5 compass is incorrect. People report it showing North as West in various apps, like Google Maps, and other errors are common. It may correct itself if you leave it, but you can also recalibrate it yourself. The most popular way to fix this is the figure of eight trick.

What to do if your Nexus 5 keeps ringing?

For others, dragging the green or red icons to answer or ignore has no effect and the phone keeps ringing. Rebooting the phone will temporarily solve the issue. Some people found that changing off LTE to 3G or 2G resolved the problem.

Why does my Nexus 5 make a hissing noise?

Many Nexus 5 owners have been complaining about a hissing noise that shows up on any videos they record with the phone. This static may get louder when people speak or there’s a louder noise in the recording. Some owners have found that recording audio using a different app alleviates the problem.