Why is my Kenwood CD player not working?

If the unit does not seem to be working right, try pressing the reset button first. If that does not solve the problem, consult your Kenwood dealer. Press the reset button if the Disc auto changer fails to operate correctly. Normal operation should be restored.

Why is my car not reading my CD?

This is commonly caused by dirty or damaged tracks on the disc. Before assuming that the problem is with the player, test a few newer CDs and see if the skipping behavior continues. If it doesn’t, the the problem is the disc and you’ll need to look into cleaning or repairing the disc so that it can play normally again.

How do I reset my Kenwood CD player?

Kenwood Factory Reset

  1. Step 1: Hold Eject CD And Volume button. On the left of the CD slot, you will find the Eject CD button.
  2. Step 2: Press The Reset Button.
  3. Step 3: Tap the “Initialize All” button.
  4. Step 4: Again, press the reset button.

How do I reset my car CD player?

Hold the power and eject buttons simultaneously Most car audio systems have a reset feature of sorts for their CD drive. Start by turning your car on, and then turning it off. With the car off, hold the stereo power button and the eject button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

How do I troubleshoot my Kenwood car stereo?

Kenwood Car Stereo Troubleshooting

  1. Power Problems. Check to make sure the power button on the Kenwood car stereo is pressed in and the light is on.
  2. CDs Don’t Play Correctly.
  3. Hands-Free Talking Function.
  4. Error Messages.
  5. N/A Device Message.

How do I get my CD player to work in my car?

Press your CD player’s power and eject buttons down at the same time, holding them for about ten seconds. If your stereo has a “force eject” feature, it should spit out the CD. If this doesn’t work, start the car and try again. Some CD players may not function when the car is turned off.

How do I reset my car audio system?

Remove the faceplate from your car stereo. Press the RESET button on the front panel using a pointed object, such as a ball-point pen.

Is it possible to troubleshoot a Kenwood CD player?

Kenwood CD players are easy to troubleshoot. What might seem like a malfunction is often just a case of mis-operation, or settings not being specified correctly. In particular, take into account that CDs can get scratched or suffer heat damage in hot cars. It’s always a good idea to run through some troubleshooting steps before calling for service.

What does Error 99 mean on Kenwood CD player?

Other error messages to check out are: “Unsupported File,” which means the recorded media isn’t of a format the CD player can read, and “Error 99,” which means the disc magazine is malfunctioning (you might be able to fix this by reinserting the CD and pressing the reset button on the unit).

How to troubleshoot a Kenwood KDC bt362u troubleshooting?

The device that is connected to the Bluetooth might be too far. Move the device closer to the stereo. Turn the Bluetooth off on the device, then turn it back on to reconnect to the stereo. Eject the CD and check for fingerprints and smudges. Proceed to clean the CD off with a small cloth and rubbing alcohol. Wipe the CD from the center outwards.

What to do when your CD player won’t play?

Make sure the disc is loaded into the proper slot. Eject the magazine from the CD changer and check the number for the disc. Clean the CD if the sound skips when an audio file is being played. If that doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the recording itself, while it was being transferred to the disc. Try re-recording the file to a new disc.