Why is my mouse not Scrolling down?

You must use the “Category” view in Control Panel to see the Hardware and Sound option. In the Mouse Properties window, select the Wheel tab. Then, try adjusting the number of lines to scroll the mouse or try changing the mouse to scroll one page at a time. Verify this change helps correct your mouse issues.

How do I fix my Mouse won’t scroll?

How to Fix a Mouse Wheel That’s Not Scrolling

  1. Reconnect the mouse. Before doing anything, make sure the issue isn’t a temporary one.
  2. Replace the batteries.
  3. Clean the mouse.
  4. Check the touchpad.
  5. Check mouse wheel settings.
  6. Update mouse drivers.
  7. Fix corrupt system files.

Why won’t my Mouse scroll up and down on my Mac?

Check the Scrolling speed slide-control at the top, and make sure the “Scroll” checkbox is checked. For scrolling side-to-side, make sure the application you’re using supports side-to-side scrolling. Remember, scrolling is done with one finger, and navigating is done by swiping side-to-side with two fingers.

How do I reset my Apple Magic Mouse?

Reset your Apple mouse

  1. Press and hold down the Shift + Option key; then on your top menu bar, select the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Press Debug > Remove All Devices.
  3. Repeat step 1, this time selecting Reset the Bluetooth Module.
  4. Now try to pair your mouse again.

How do I enable Mouse scrolling?

To open this window, go to Control Panel > Mouse as shown in the following figure. Refer to the following for different touchpad drivers installed on desktops. Switch to the Device Settings tab, click Settings. Check Scrolling and click Apply –> OK.

How do I get my Mac Mouse to scroll?

Select System Preferences… from the dropdown menu. Click on Mouse in the System Preferences window. Select Point & Click. Tick the box for Scrolling direction: natural to make the mouse scroll in the same direction that your finger moves.

Why is my Mouse roller not working?

Answer Wiki. The number one reason a roller on a mouse is not working is because it has lint or other fabric caught in/on it. If you remove the ball and when looking at the roller you dont see any lint or other items in it, then you may have the #2 reason.

How do you scroll on a Magic Mouse?

Enable Scrolling on the Magic Mouse. 1. Open ‘ System Preferences ’ in the Launchpad and click on ‘Accessibility’. 2. Click on ‘Mouse & Trackpad’ on the side bar and click on ‘Mouse Options’. 3. Check ‘Scrolling’ and hit ‘Done’.

Is there Magic Mouse for Windows?

The Magic Mouse is undoubtedly the best mouse Apple’s made in years. It’s the best touch experience on Windows yet. No surprise, ’cause Microsoft’s designed the Touch Mouse’s drivers and software, which is what really ties everything together. The ergonomics are quite solid too—unlike the Magic Mouse, which is passable, but not great.

How do you scroll on an Apple Mouse?

Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and select System Preferences from the drop down menu. Click on Mouse. Select the Point & Click section. To enable natural scrolling, check the box next to “Scroll direction: natural.”.