Why is my Sony Cyber-Shot Not Working?

You should first replace the batteries and try turning it on again. To reset turn off the camera and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds then release. Reinsert the battery pack and power on the camera.

How do I reset my Sony Cybershot camera?

Reset button on the camera: Locate the RESET button on the camera. Use a pointed object (like a ballpoint pen) to press and hold the RESET button for 2-3 seconds. After 2-3 seconds, release the RESET button.

How do I fix my Sony Cybershot camera lens?

Turn the power off, eject the battery pack, and reinsert it into the camera. Turn the power back on and check if the drive part of the lens moves properly. If the lens still will not open, retract or extend, reset the camera.

What year was the Sony Cyber-Shot made?

1996. The first “Cyber-shot.” The lens and flash were capable of 180-degree rotation, and this model featured a 1.8-inch liquid crystal viewscreen in the back of the body.

Why is the Flash not working on my Sony DSC H300?

An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki. ”This troubleshooting page will help you find problems with your Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 and guide you how to fix it.” When photos are taken the flash will not extend from the camera. The flash cannot be used in the following cases:

When to use flash on Sony Cyber shot H300?

The flash cannot be used in the following cases: (Night Scene) mode, (High Sensitivity) mode or (Fireworks) mode is selected in Scene Selection, select the desired mode. Shooting [Sweep Panorama], select the desired mode. Shooting in moving mode.

What to do if your Sony camera won’t play back?

The camera is in USB mode. Take the camera off USB mode. Utilize [PlayMemories Home] to play the images in the computer. No guarantees are made for playing back on this camera. The time will not show up and neither will the current date. The display on the screen is set to only display the image.