Why is Voss water so expensive?

The natural filtration process and protection from contaminants allows Voss to avoid the use of chemicals and other additives to purify the water. The water is also tested to ensure it is free of anything that could be harmful to consume. This makes artesian water inherently more valuable than water from other sources.

Why is VOSS so special?

Over 20 years ago, VOSS was born in Norway, a country known for fresh air, untouched natural resources, modern elegance and high standards of quality. VOSS quickly became known and admired for our sleek, beautiful exterior, making it perhaps the most iconic and recognizable water bottle ever.

Is VOSS a good water to drink?

VOSS water isn’t cheap, but it is incredibly good. It’s a popular water choice for high-end restaurants and bars, and other premium customers. It’s even endorsed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and that kind of Rock-filtration is exclusive only to this brand. VOSS’s water comes from an artesian source in Southern Norway.

How much does a bottle of Voss water cost?

Voss Water Prices

Type Size Price
Voss Still Water 16.9 oz. (500mL) $1.79
Voss Still Water 800mL $2.74
Voss Sparkling Water 800mL $2.74

What’s the most expensive bottled water?

So without further ado, here is the top 10 list of the most expensive bottled waters in the world in 2021.

  • #5 – Ô Amazon – $110 per litre.
  • #4 – Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water – $185 per litre.
  • #3 – Bling H2O – $219 per litre.
  • #2 – Nevas (Design Edition) – $1180 per litre.
  • #1 – Fillico Jewelry Water – $1390 per litre.

Is VOSS or Fiji better?

There are a bunch of different brands of water to choose from and you’re never sure which is actually the best. This woman tested 7 different brands and found that Voss water comes in the number 2 spot. Fiji takes the number one spot for tasting more crisp.

Is VOSS really from Norway?

Voss is a Norwegian-based brand of artesian bottled water from the village of Vatnestrøm in Iveland municipality, Aust-Agder county. Contrary to popular belief, the water is not bottled in the municipality of Voss, which is more than 400 kilometres (250 mi) from the bottling site.

Is Voss water better than Fiji?

As you can see in our price list, Voss Water certainly falls into the premium bottled water category. There are some notable impacts on the pricing that originate from Voss’ processes. The bottle is certainly unique. Of note, an 850ml plastic bottle is only slightly more expensive than the 375ml glass bottle.

Where does the water from Voss come from?

VOSS Artesian Water from Norway is collected from an underground aquifer deep beneath the surface under layers of sand and gravel.

What’s the difference between Fiji and Voss water?

Voss Water has endured an acquisition that occurred in 2016. It is now available in over 50 countries and the line has expanded to sparkling and flavored sparkling waters. We have seen a couple of similarities between Voss and Fiji water thus far. As you can see in our price list, Voss Water certainly falls into the premium bottled water category.

Who are the owners of the company Voss?

In 2016, majority control of Voss was acquired by Reignwood Group, a Thai-Chinese company. The current Chairman of VOSS is John Shulman and the current Vice-Chairman of VOSS is Please Ruayrungruang. Voss is bottled by Voss of Norway AS, an American Limited Company headquartered in New York City.