5 Apartment Organization Ideas to Make Yourself Happier in 2020

Starting a new year is all about finding ways to be happy and accomplish your goals.

And if your apartment is messy and disorganized, one of your goals should be to organize it. You’ve been putting it off for too long!

A messy apartment can cause big problems in your life. It prevents you from living a happy, productive life.

So, it’s time to get yourself together and put your living space back in order.

Here are five organization ideas that’ll put a smile back on your face.

1. Buy a Storage Bed

We all need a bed to sleep on. But unfortunately, they take up so much space!

So, why not use it for sleep and storage?


Well, you should invest in a storage or platform bed! Both are perfect for storing and organizing things. They’re especially ideal for holding items you don’t have space for in other areas of the apartment.

Storage Beds 

Storage beds come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have lift-up tops like an ottoman, and others have drawers underneath.

Either way, you can use a storage bed to hide items you don’t often use, such as spare towels, linens, and extra sheets. You could also hide a few additional blankets in there for when company comes over.

Platform Beds 

Use your bed for storage by transforming it into a platform bed. You can either buy a prefabricated bed frame or build a platform box with customized storage.

Platform beds free up some space since you can store things underneath them. And they’re usually low to the ground, so you’ll have more room for shelving on the walls above the bed!

2. Get a Key Organizer

When you’re on the go, it’s easy to misplace keys. You never know if they’re in your backpack, purse, or somewhere else.

Instead of always having to search for your keys, invest in a key organizer.

Hang it in your kitchen, mudroom, or entryway. Then whenever you need your keys, you’ll know exactly where they are. You’ll never have to worry about searching your entire apartment for them again!

A lot of key racks even come with attached mail-organizers, so you’ll have a spot for your bills and letters, too. It’s a two-for-one that will make the upcoming year a whole lot easier for you!

3. Organize Laundry in a Laundry Sorter

If you’ve never used a laundry sorter before, then you’re missing out! They’re a dream come true for anyone who wants to make laundry day go by faster.

Here’s how they work:

Instead of having just one basket for all of your dirty clothing, sorters contain several different baskets. So, you can throw your darks in one basket, your lights in another, and your brights in the third. Then, you’ll just pull each pile out of the basket when it’s time to wash them.

A lot of laundry sorters have wheels, too, which makes it easy to roll your laundry around the apartment. After all, no one likes carrying 10 pounds of clothing through the house.

With a laundry sorter on wheels, you don’t have to worry about carrying anything. Wheel it on over and ta-da! It’s time to do laundry hassle-free!

4. Make Use of Vertical Space

Regardless of whether you have a small apartment or not, you should take advantage of your vertical space.

In other words, don’t keep all of your storage on the floor. Expand upwards with shelving!

The idea is to maximize every inch of space in your apartment.

If you are restricted by the amount of space in your kitchen, for example, some wall shelves can make your life a whole lot easier. By storing pots, pans, and cutlery on the wall, you’ll open up a ton of room in your cupboards and drawers.

And if your home office is cluttered with books and paper, some stackable bookshelves can be useful. You’ll finally be able to get your office in order so that you can focus better on work.

Another idea is to use a tall wooden ladder for linens. Lean it against a wall and hang your jeans, scarves, and belts on it. Your room will look organized and stylish!

5. Install Curtains to Disguise Clutter

If you find you still have a lot of clutter and would like a way to hide it, install some curtains!

For example, you might section off some shelves by hanging curtains in front of them. Or, you can hang a curtain rod in front of your closet to hide the mess inside.

Now, you shouldn’t use this technique as an excuse to start hoarding things in your closet, and you should declutter your apartment as best you can.

But, using curtains to divide the space make your apartment look neater until you get it fully decluttered.

In the meantime, continue to work on organizing your apartment. Just because you’re “hiding” the mess doesn’t mean it’s not there!

On your quest to getting, you may run into some challenges. But even if that happens, push through the mess and continue to tidy things up.

The more you focus on getting the job done, the easier it’ll be. If you get frustrated, take a break and get back to your project later on.

You’ll come back with a fresh set of eyes, ready to tackle the mess.

Now get to work! Your apartment is going to look spectacular by the time 2020 arrives!

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