How a VPN Offers Online Freedom and VPNs Explained?

VPN stands for the virtual private network and it is programming that makes a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the public internet. A VPN is allowing you to bypass regional bans which in turn lets you access any and unblock websites all web content. The VPN technology is helping mask your current IP and it is assigning you a different one. Your IP address is rerouted and the website won’t be able to tell if you are connected from your local IP or a virtual one which could be anywhere in the world.

Experience The True Online Freedom

Some websites or content are inaccessible due to geo-restrictions in place. The issues are due to exclusive rights on content as is the case with Netflix US. Others could be in countries such as Russia or China where social media sites are blocked because of a lack of freedom of speech, etc. There are offering some features of online freedom the following:

  • Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch features immediately halt the Internet and once it detects that your connection has dropped. It ensures that you stay private at all times.

  • Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP lets you whitelist IP addresses. It is done to prevent unblock websites access to your company accounts or just online accounts, in general – adds extra security.

  • Split Tunneling

Ivacy VPN pioneered Split Tunneling. It lets you access both local and foreign content at the same time. It is accessing content unblock websites over VPN while through your local LAN.

Secure And Privacy Of Vpn

In the modern Internet landscape, staying secure online is imperative. With Ivacy VPN you can mask your IP address which makes hackers, surveillance agencies and ISP impervious to your online activities.

  • 256-Bit Encryption

VPN privacy is offering up to 256-Bit Encryption to users and it makes penetrating the security next to impossible. So revel in security protocols that encrypt your Internet traffic keeping cybercriminals at bay.

  • Public Wi-Fi Security

Not only hackers can induce malware codes without you knowing but it can even control your devices remotely or shut them down completely. Exercise care and turn on Ivacy VPN are before connecting to seemingly free Public Wi-Fi.

  • No Logs Policy

Your Data is sold to third parties and it makes them aware of your online habits. Your privacy online is investing in privacy that has a clear No Logs policy.

The VPNs Explained

  • The Internet has a unique way to identify users. When you surf the internet, it recognizes you through a unique address called an IP address. Your ISP provides you that particular address.
  • The ever-increasing traffic on a number of websites available for said purposes. The internet has become vulnerable to security threats, cyber crimes, hack attacks, information misuse, copyright infringement, surveillance, more often than not.
  • Sometimes, even your own trusted Internet Service Provider (ISP) keeps a vigilant check on you. Your IP is your identity over the internet. The attackers are after your sacred IP. In order to counter these threats, you need to make your IP address secure.

Ivacy VPNs are one of the making the digital world safer and more accessible for everyone. You are going to this official website unblock websites. You can visit these features and it allows users to enjoy complete control over which data to send through their ISP and which data to send through this VPN service