A Comprehensive Guide on IPL Fantasy League.

Overview of Fantasy cricket:

Fantasy cricket is a virtual game which allows users to create a team of real-life players from different teams. It is one of the most popular and engaging games which gives you the feeling that you are playing on the field. Nowadays, all the popular games have been changed into virtual forms so that players can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. From test matches to T20, you can join all the series virtually through online gaming platforms like Dream11 which is the official fantasy game partner of IPL. The sole purpose of fantasy cricket is to showcase one’s talent and also earn prizes if he/she wins the match. If you love to play cricket and have great knowledge of it, then IPL fantasy cricket is the best upcoming opportunity for you to showcase the same. is the best platform for you.

How to play fantasy cricket online?

In order to play the “Fantasy Cricket”, participants are requested to enrol themselves first on platforms such as Dream11 and create their team of 11 players.

The participants have to select the players within their budget. A team must have at least four batsmen, two bowlers, and one uncapped player in their playing XI. The participants can bear to have five batsmen, five bowlers, and four most extreme all-rounders.

If participants select the daily challenge, they have to choose the players from two different teams, whereas in “fantasy championship” they have the freedom to select their teams from all players.

The Point Distribution in the match:

The participants can gain one point for each run, and for six, they earn three points, and for four, they earn two points. They also earn points based on strike rates. If the player takes the second wicket, he will earn 10 points, and on a hat trick, they will get 25 extra points.

If we talk about Fielding, the participants earn 10 points for both, catch and run-out. And the wicket keeper earns 20 points for each stumping.

In a real IPL Fantasy match, you must have noticed that a man of the match is also declared. People who have that player in their team gets 25 points as a reward. All the players of the winning team will get 5 points as a reward. Always aim to score high because you receive impressive cash backs and bonuses with each win.

Where to play?

There are plenty of websites on the internet, which allow you to play IPL fantasy cricket from mobile, laptop and desktop. It is advisable to choose a reputed and reliable site. Because their user-interface is responsive, and they offer you many loyalty programs to make your game more exciting and engaging.

We hope this helps you have a good time while playing IPL fantasy cricket in the future.