Top 3 best vacuums for pet hair 2019

Such pollution in the house as pet hair is rightly considered one of the most difficult, as the hairs fly around the house from the slightest breath of wind, cling to any uneven surface and clothes and constantly appear in those places that you seem to have already cleaned. Our beloved pets move around the house and leave a trail of fur behind them that needs to be quickly removed to avoid even more pollution of the dwelling.

With the beginning of the era of vacuum cleaners, we finally got reliable assistants in cleaning. And manufacturers, knowing about the problem of pet hair, create more and more sophisticated devices that can cope with such pollution. Let’s take a look at the top 3 best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

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Shark Rotator TruePet Lift-Away NV752 

Shark vacuum cleaners have always been everyone`s favorites for the excellent combination of price and quality. Shark Rotator TruePet Lift-Away NV752 also received high user ratings and is the best Shark vacuum for pet hair. This model is specially designed for hair cleaning, and therefore has several functional features.

Shark NV752 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner, as it can be used both as an upright and as a handheld model for cleaning all available surfaces in the house. The vacuum works great both on the carpet and on the hard floor. It has three installed nozzles (for thick carpet, low pile carpet, and hard floor), which automatically replace each other when moving from one type of surface to another. The kit also has several nozzles: brushes for dust, a tool with washable microfiber for wet cleaning, and two tools for pet hair (True Pet Mini motorized brush and Pet Upholstery tool). This set of nozzles designed specifically for cleaning fur will delight any pet owner. Users say that the vacuum works very well when it comes to collecting pet hair on hard surfaces and carpet, as well as clothes, furniture, and curtains when the vacuum cleaner is used in a handheld mode. The brushes carefully collect all the hairs, and thanks to the cyclonic suction, you can be sure that all the dust particles and the smallest hairs will fall into the dust collector.

In order to clean not only the surface but also the air, Shark uses three filters. The first two filters are made of foam and felt, respectively. They are located before the motor and clean the air in the first stage. Both filters are reusable and can be easily rinsed. The third filter belongs to the class of HEPA filters; it performs the final cleaning of the air before it gets back into the room and collects the smallest particles. It can also be washed and reused. The sealed system ensures that the air doesn`t flow out of the vacuum before it is properly filtered.

The volume of the dust collector is 3.3 dry quarts. It has the bottom empty system for more hygienic use.

So, this vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning pet hair due to the powerful suction, a large number of nozzles for hair, convenient emptying of the dust collector, and low weight, which provides maneuverability.

Bosch BCH6 Z000 

A convenient, lightweight and powerful rechargeable vacuum cleaner Bosch BCH6 Z000 is designed for dry cleaning of dust and pet hair. The device is wireless, because it`s powered by a battery, and is distinguished by a special ProAnimal Brush attachment for cleaning surfaces from pet hair. No wires, bagless technology, Easy Clean are its main advantages.

Completion of the device is universal, but to a large extent, it focuses on the pet lovers` needs. In addition to the main AllFloor HighPower brush with two types of bristles for cleaning both hard floors and carpets, which makes up to 5000 revolutions per minute, Bosch has a number of nozzles for hair. The ProAnimal accessory kit includes an electric brush for highly efficient cleaning of all types of surfaces with an additional roller for cleaning pet hair, a nozzle for furniture, crevice for car seats, an adapter (removable) with a hose and a belt, a short handle for cleaning in the handheld mode. There are three power levels available, the choice of which directly determines the duration of cleaning: low power for quiet cleaning, medium mode, and maximum power for removing the most complex contaminants.

Bosch BCH6 ZOOO works from a powerful Li-Ion battery. Battery life is up to 60 min. On the maximum mode with the connected electric brush, time is reduced. But charging of the vacuum cleaner also goes quickly – within 3 hours.

To clean the air from small particles, manufacturers have provided a microfilter, which is inferior in quality to HEPA filters but also does its job quite well. Bosch can boast a rather capacious dust collector with a volume of 0.9 l, which is enough to clean a large area. The SensorBagless technology checks the fullness of the container and informs the owner about the need to clean it. 

Maneuverability is at a high level, due to its compact dimensions and an average weight of 10 pounds this vacuum is very convenient to use.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro

Here is a high-tech model from the famous company, which still stays the undisputed leader and the main innovator in the development of this area. The “cosmic” design of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro is easily recognizable, attractive, and maximum practical.

The vacuum cleaner has a rather rich set of accessories, including a universal automatic nozzle, movable brush for hard surfaces, a small combined nozzle, a nozzle for upholstered furniture. Finally, a large turbo brush with carbon fiber bristles and a unique Tangle Free turbo brush, which is designed to collect pet hair from carpets and upholstery, are responsible for cleaning the fur. 

Another distinct advantage is the Dyson Cinetic system. The efficiency of cyclones is so high that it keeps even the smallest dust particles. At the same time, there is no need to wash and maintain the filters, and the suction power is not lost. The filtration system has three stages. The cylindrical case of the dust collector forms a large first-stage cyclone, at which big and heavy debris is separated. A stainless steel mesh delays light debris such as fibers and hair. The final air purification is performed by many small cyclones, which separate the smallest dust and air, the dust is dumped into the container, and the air goes to the fan. Air exits through the grilles at the back, behind which you can see the post-engine filter. This filter is non-replaceable and designed for the entire lifetime.

The transparent case of the dust collector makes it possible to assess the degree of its filling and provides convenience during emptying. You should place the block above the bin and move the special red pusher down – all the garbage will fall down, and the glass can be washed under cold water. The volume of the dust collector is 1.6 l.

 Each of the three vacuum cleaners examined by us perfectly shows itself during the cleaning of any kinds of pollution. Users note the high result and ease of use. If you have long been looking for a new model that can help you cope with hair-cleaning, these three vacuum cleaners will not disappoint you.