Can you play Lumi without the app?

You can only connect to your LUMI Keys via Bluetooth by using an app that is capable of handling MIDI over Bluetooth connections, such as the LUMI Music App. LUMI is three things, all interacting as one. HARDWARE: LUMI Keys 1, the illuminated keyboard.

How do you set up LUMI Keys?

  1. Log in to your account. Sign into ROLI Connect with your LUMI account.
  2. Connect your LUMI Keys. Connect LUMI Keys to your desktop computer via USB. Your keyboard will automatically register to your account.
  3. Download & Install ROLI Studio. Head to the apps tab in ROLI Connect to download your ROLI Studio software suite.

How do I pair my Lumi Bluetooth?

This is because Bluetooth can be used by Bluetooth-compatible hardware to identify the location of your Android device.

  1. Go to the Android Settings app.
  2. Search “Location” to find Location Services options.
  3. Turn Location Services off and back on again, then open the LUMI app and try connecting to your LUMI Keys.

How long does it take to charge LUMI Keys?

Lumi Keys and Lumi App Specs

Specifications Details
Connectivity Wireless via Bluetooth
Cable for recharging USB-C to USB-A connector
Battery Life 6 hours
Keyboard Dimensions (LxWxH) 11 x 5.5 x 1 inches

Does LUMI teach you to read music?

However, this acclaim for Lumi’s back-catalog brings me to the feature I had the most doubts about, and it’s one that’s central to the entire product: how the music itself is taught. As mentioned above, the Lumi uses light up keys to power a Guitar Hero-style interface (officially known as “cascade” mode).

How do I start LUMI?

Go to and sign in or create a new LUMI account. Register your LUMI Keys. Activate your LUMI Complete code, if you have one, or start a new subscription to unlock LUMI Complete. Make a note of your new account details.

How do I unlock Lumi premium?

Go to and sign in or create a new LUMI account. Register your LUMI Keys. Activate your LUMI Complete code, if you have one, or start a new subscription to unlock LUMI Complete.

How do you know when your LUMI is charged?

When you place your device in the charging base, the lights on the ageLOC® LumiSpa™ handset will radiate for a short time and the On/ Off button will remain lit. Then, the On/Off button will pulse slowly, indicating the device is charging. The On/Off button will remain lit when the device is fully charged.

Is the Roli Lumi worth it?

It’s a versatile device in a lot of ways—approachable to beginners and robust enough for experienced producers. But that also puts it in a kind of limbo. If you want to create custom beep-boops, you can snag a small, simple midi controller for around $70. A really nice full-sized keyboard can go for just over $200.

What can you do with Lumi for free?

Put LUMI in your bag and roam free. Choose from hundreds of songs, from Bach to Beyonce to the Beatles. Learning is fun when you’re playing songs you love. Step into a virtual classroom for a few minutes, and come out with skills that immediately help you play.

How many lessons are there in the Lumi app?

LUMI’s 100+ lessons cover scales, chords, technique, and much more — taught by friendly coaches in interactive modules. LUMI is the first music learning system to combine a keyboard, app, and content library, integrated through sound, light, and color. You don’t need anything else to get started.

What does Lumi do for learning the piano?

LUMI changes that, and gives you everything you need to start learning the piano. Light and color transform the experience, making it fun, easy, and rewarding. Dive right in, start playing songs you love, and discover that you’re a musician too. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What do the lights on the Lumi keyboard mean?

LUMI’s keys are brilliantly illuminated. The colors and lights on the keyboard sync with those in the app, guiding you to play in the most intuitive possible way. In the playground of the LUMI app you’ll discover songs, lessons, and exercises, plus easy-to-use tools to help you tailor your experience.