Did insteon stop making cameras?

Insteon Camera Family We have discontinued our line of cameras. For current Insteon camera owners, we recommend OWLR app.

Can I use Insteon camera without hub?

Setup with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices requires Insteon Hub and the Insteon app.

How do I connect my Insteon camera to WIFI?

Getting Started

  1. Connect the ethernet cable to your router and plugin the power adapter. You can disconnect the ethernet cable after setup is complete.
  2. Connect the cables to your camera.
  3. Open the Insteon for Hub app and select Add a Camera. Insteon cameras require Insteon Hub.

What is OWLR?

OWLR is a compute software tech company that strives to offer an easy way to monitor what users care about from the palm of their hand. Instead of requiring a technical degree or a lesson in network configuration, OWLR is focusing on making the use of off-the-shelf IP cameras smarter, simpler and more data secure.

How do I access my Insteon camera remotely?

To see your camera when you are away from home, you will need to configure manual remote access. Write down the IP Address displayed at the bottom of the screen and tap Next. You’re done setting up your Insteon Wi-Fi Camera.

How do I reset my Insteon camera?

Step 1: On the bottom of the camera locate the hole in the bottom of the camera marked RESET. Step 2: Using a paperclip or similar object to press an hold the RESET button for 30 seconds. Step 3: The camera will start to pan and tilt within 30 seconds of the reset. Step 4 Wait 90 seconds before beginning again.

Is OWLR free?

At OWLR, we built the best free multi-brand IP camera viewer on the app stores today, with an ever-growing list of great features and brands to make viewing your life even easier.

What app does Goowls camera use?

the smart Wi-Fi camera connected with VI loT App.

How do I find the IP address of my Insteon Hub?

Identify Insteon Hub IP Address and Port

  1. Open an internet browser on the same network to which your Insteon Hub is connected and visit connect.insteon.com/getinfo.asp.
  2. All Insteon Hubs on your network that have successfully connected to Insteon Servers within the past 24 hours will appear.

Is OWLR safe?

Unlike other apps on the market, OWLR does not store your cameras’ passwords on our servers. They are safely in your phone, away from the prying hands of hackers and weirdos. At OWLR, your personal privacy and home safety is paramount.

How do I get the Insteon Hub app?

To download the Insteon Lighting app, select your devices store below or scan the QR code with your devices’ camera. Our legacy app for homes that have a mix of Insteon lighting devices and older device types. With the Insteon Hub, remote control of your Insteon devices is truly remote.

Do you need hub for Insteon HD camera?

Insteon cameras do not require a hub. Insteon support provides a process for installing HD cameras without a hub under MAC OS or Windows. If using Windows be sure to use Internet Explorer and not Edge; there is a browser addon for viewing camera output that is required and doesn’t work with Edge.

How does the Insteon indoor WiFi camera work?

Our indoor cameras feature full pan and tilt for full looky-loo action. Now your cat isn’t the only one who can see in the dark. Insteon WiFi Cameras feature a ring of darkness-illuminating infrared LEDs. Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Is there a remote control app for Insteon?

Our legacy app for homes that have a mix of Insteon lighting devices and older device types. With the Insteon Hub, remote control of your Insteon devices is truly remote. Turn your switches on, off, dim and brighten from anywhere in your home or across the globe.