Do Eames chairs have a warranty?

The Eames Lounge Chair comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all parts of the chair. When customers purchase the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the warranty is usually secondary. They get it for its era-defining style, its comfort and luxury, its classic and historic pedigree.

How long is the Aeron chair warranty?

a 12 year warranty
The Aeron chair comes with a 12 year warranty from Herman Miller, the first name in home and office design. Obviously, this represents a very serious commitment to the chair on the part of its manufacturer.

Do you get warranty on used Herman Miller?

Herman Miller does not warrant the performance of the product when used in combination with other than original Herman Miller product. Limited warranty only covers Herman Miller provided products, components, and related repair work performed by Herman Miller authorized dealers.

Is Herman Miller warranty Global?

This limited warranty covers the sale of Herman Miller product in all countries.

How long does an Eames lounge chair last?

In short, a quality Eames lounge chair will likely outlive you. You can find 20-30 year old lounge chairs that sell for the same price as a brand new chair; their base design is so good that even the Eames lounge chair replicas are quality chairs that will serve you for a long time.

What is a 3 shift warranty?

Our 3-shift warranty recognizes the changing nature of work and the need for products that can stand up to continuous use. Our labor-included warranty means that when warranty work is performed in the U.S. and Canada, Herman Miller foots the bill.

How long does a Herman Miller chair last?

Aeron is guaranteed to last 12-years but often people keep them much longer. While used Aeron chairs can be more affordable they will not last as long as brand new chair but they last a very long time…a great investment!

How do I find my Aeron manufacture date?

It should be under the bottom lip of the seat pan. If you have the Order # HM can tell you.

What does a 3 shift warranty mean?

Do Eames chairs hold their value?

Vintage examples hold their value well, as does Eames furniture in general. Copies of the Eames lounger, however, usually sell between $1,200 and $1,500, and far less when used.

How long do Herman Miller chairs last?

A good office chair should be considered a long-term investment — like a home appliance or a car. Aeron is guaranteed to last 12-years but often people keep them much longer.

Where can I get parts or service for my Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair?

These include chair casters, Aeron Chair armpads, and Aeron Chair back support options. All other replacement parts can be purchased through an authorized Dealer. Please use our Where to Buy link to find a dealer near you. Where can I get parts or service for my Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair and/or Ottoman?

Where to find warranty label on Herman Miller Chair?

For warranty repairs, you’ll need to provide information from the manufacturing label (product number, FO number, manufacture date), along with a description of the issue and a photograph of it. Labels are typically affixed to the underside of a chair’s seat or under the surface of a table.

How long has the Eames club chair been around?

The Eameses’ modern take on a nineteenth century club chair has not only endured for more than 50 years, it has become one of the most significant furniture designs of the twentieth century—instantly recognizable and enduringly fresh.

What kind of chair does Herman Miller make?

To provide additional choices for complementing a range of interiors, the chair and ottoman are offered in all-black and all-white versions. A permanent collection designed to meet fully the requirements of modern living.