Does S&W still make the 686?

It is the stainless steel version of the Model 586, which featured a blued steel finish. They are available ported and unported with a choice of 6- or 7-round cylinders. The Model 686 is based on S&W’s L (medium) revolver frame….

Smith & Wesson Model 686
Feed system 6-round (686) or 7-round (686 Plus) cylinder

What is a S&W 686 plus?

The Model 686 Plus is an L-Frame, Smith & Wesson® Double-Action Revolver chambered in . 357 magnum. 357 magnum loads, as well as any . 38 Special ammunition. The 686 Plus features a 7-round cylinder, giving you one extra shot over a conventional 6-shooter.

What frame size is a 686?

A 686 is an “L” frame. It has a K Frame size grip frame, but the part of the frame surrounding the cylinder is a little larger and beefier. This will allow any amount of . 357 Magnum use without problems.

Who makes a 7 shot 357 revolver?

Smith & Wesson Model 686 Plus 357 Magnum 7-Round/3-inch Revolver.

Is the S&W 686 plus a good gun?

The Smith & Wesson 686 is a fantastic revolver with utter reliability, comfortable ergonomics, and beautiful aesthetics. Its accuracy and customization are par for the course. But for a personal protection gun it’s perfect and comes in different barrel lengths and even a Plus model with 7 rounds of .

When did the Smith and Wesson Model 686 come out?

Smith & Wesson Model 686. Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 686 in 1981. It is the stainless steel version of the 586, which was a blued steel finish. It was chambered for .357 Magnum and .38 S&W Special +P calibers. They are available ported and unported with a choice of 6 or 7 round cylinders. The Model 686 is based on S&W’s K/L (medium)…

What’s the difference between Model 686 and 686 Plus?

The 686P variant, marketed as the Model 686 Plus, has a 7-round cylinder. The 686PP variant, with PP designating PowerPort, has an integral compensator (also known as a muzzle brake ). The 686 has been made with pistol grips having a squared or rounded end (colloquially, “square butt” or “round butt”).

Is the 686 Magnum A K frame or L frame?

The 686 was created based on the older K-frame .357 Magnums that were, at the time, favored by a ton of law enforcement (I’m speaking of the Model 19 and Model 66). This model is built on an L frame, a size similar to the K only with a larger cylinder and a bit more heft in general.

What kind of sight does the Model 686 have?

The Model 686 has an adjustable rear sight, and until 1992, the 152 and 211 mm (6 and 8.325 in) versions had the option of an adjustable front sight. They had Goncalo alves hardwood grips until 1994, when the grip was replaced by a rubber Hogue grip.