How do I download tones to line 6 spider 4?

Open the Spider IV Edit Help menu and click on CustomTone. Follow the directions. To download a tone from CustomTone: select a tone, click Get Tone, and add it to your Spider IV amp via Spider IV Edit.

Are Line 6 Spider amps good?

Great Amp! The Line 6 Spider IV 15 is a great amp for beginners as well as professionals. With the 4 amp models and 6 Effects, you can find most sounds that you would want. Distortion is not the best, but this is still a good amp. It is very loud for 15 watts, and could easily be heard in a group in a small venue.

How do you use a Line 6 built in tuner?

To activate the tuner press and hold the TAP button for a few seconds. If the low E string on the guitar is more than 6 cents flat, the far left LED (Clean) will flash. Tune the low E string by raising the pitch until the two center LED’s (Crunch and Metal amp models) are lit.

How do you use a tuner on Line 6 Spider 4?

How do I use custom Line 6 tones?

Download the appropriate editor for your Line 6 hardware at and install it. Download tone(s) from CustomTone to your computer, i.e. your Desktop or Downloads folder, by clicking the “Get Tone” button. Open the tone(s) in your device’s editor. Save tone(s) to your device in the editor.

Is the Spider IV compatible with Line 6?

Satellite internet, dial-up connections and tethering to a phone are not supported by Line 6. 1) Run Line 6 Monkey and you will be asked which unit you want to work with. Highlight the Spider IV unit and select ‘OK’. 2) If Monkey asks you to register your gear, you can select ‘remind me later’.

Do you need a shortboard for a Spider IV?

Before you get started, you will need to have your Spider IV connected to the FBV Mk II (Express or Shortboard) using a CAT-5 cable, and you will need to have your FBV Mk II unit connected to an open USB port on the back of your computer (do not use a USB hub). Be sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

Is there a public beta for Spider IV?

Apply to Join our Public Beta Testing Program! Anarchy in the U.K. What’s My Age Again? NEW! Spider IV 15 – Song Settings, Part 3 Spider IV Settings from our Spider IV UStream show with Dory Lobel – Download PDF – Watch the Ustream Show

Where do I plug in my Line 6 Pedal?

Ensure that the pedal is NOT connected to the computer through a USB hub. Avoid plugging into USB ports found on keyboards, monitors, or laptop docks. Make sure to connect the interface into a USB port directly into the computer, especially into the back of a desktop.