How do I fix a 59 error on my HP printer?

59 error could be a bad motor or Developer motor rotation error. Remove all toner, power cycle the printer and re-install one at a time, closing the access door each time before inserting another.

What is 59 error in HP printer?

This error happens when there is a problem in the internal motor of the printer. The main reason behind this error is the failure in transfer alienation. Transfer alienation failure means a situation where the ITB is stuck and cannot rotate. Another possible reason behind error 59.

What is ITB HP printer?

HP Color LaserJet CP5225 and CP5525 Printer Series – Preparing Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) for Shipping. At times, it is necessary to ship an Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) that has been used in a printer for a period of time. Most often, this is because HP has requested the part be returned for evaluation.

Where is the printer error code?

From the printer website, find the Web Services menu, and then click Print Info Page or Print Information Sheet. Find the Printer Code or Printer Claim Code on the page that prints. If the information page only has the printer’s email address, remove and then re-enable Web Services.

How do I remove ITB from my printer?

Perform the following steps to remove the ITB:

  1. Open the upper right door of the device.
  2. Use both hands to grasp the blue levers (callout 1), apply slight downward pressure, and pull the ITB toward you at a downward angle.
  3. Pull the ITB out of the product until two large handles expand along the right and left sides.

How do I clean my ITB HP?

Clean the bottom surface of the ITB slot with a clean, water-dampened, lint-free cloth to remove extra toner, paper, dust, or any other debris. CAUTION: Do not pour water directly onto the bottom surface of the ITB slot. Do not use any cleaning agent other than water. Doing so might damage the device.

How do I reset my HP DeskJet 2632?

HP DeskJet 2632 hard reset is used to reset the hardware accessories in the printer. To commence with the hard reset, switch off your HP DeskJet 2632 printer and hold for a few seconds before switching it on again. When the printer gets the power, hit the back button on the front panel of the printer for four times.