How do you use lambaste in a sentence?

Lambaste in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Even with its success, harsh party leaders continued to lambaste the plan for healthcare reform.
  2. The rude shopper continued to lambaste the sales clerk for not moving quick enough.

What does Lambastic mean?

/ (læmˈbæst) / verb (tr) to beat or whip severely. to reprimand or scold.

What do you mean by transmute?

transitive verb. 1 : to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form. 2 : to subject (something, such as an element) to transmutation. intransitive verb.

Is it lambast or lambaste?

“Lambaste” is a fine old word, meaning literally “to assault violently, to beat severely,” and figuratively “to criticize or scold sharply.” It’s also spelled “lambast,” and although the preferred pronunciation at the moment seems to be “lam-BASTE” (as if you were basting a lamb roast), “lam-BAST” is OK too.

What does lamb basted mean?

verb (used with object), lam·bast·ed, lam·bast·ing. to beat or whip severely. to reprimand or berate harshly; censure; excoriate.

What is an example of transmutation?

In biology, transmutation occurs in species level wherein one species change into another by the process of evolution. In radiobiology, an example of transmutation is the transmutation of uranium-238 into plutonium-239 through the absorption of a neutron and subsequent beta emission.

What is transmutation in spirituality?

Shamanic transmutation is a powerful form of energy healing practiced by experienced, enlightened, and awakened shamans who have dedicated their lives to understanding themselves, understanding others, and understanding the nature of positive and negative energy in people’s lives.

What does Objurgate mean definition?

verb (used with object), ob·jur·gat·ed, ob·jur·gat·ing. to reproach or denounce vehemently; upbraid harshly; berate sharply.

What does Lambardar mean?

Lambardar (Punjabi,) (synonym Nambardar or alternately spelled Numberdar) is a title in India and Pakistan which applies to powerful families of zamindars of the village or town, a state-privileged status which is hereditary and has wide ranging governmental powers: the policing authority of the village, and many other governmental and administrative perks.

What does lambative mean?

Define Lambative. Lambative synonyms, Lambative pronunciation, Lambative translation, English dictionary definition of Lambative. a. 1. Taken by licking with the tongue. n. 1. A medicine taken by licking with the tongue; a lincture

What does lambale mean?

Definition of lambale. : a feast formerly held in England at the time of shearing lambs about Whitsuntide.

What does lambaste mean?

The definition of lambaste is to beat, or to scold or berate by yelling. An example of lambaste is for a parent to scold a child by yelling.