Is Spike Eskin Howard Eskins son?

On Monday, Eskin’s son, Spike, used the Heimlich maneuver to save Cataldi’s life when he was choking on a cheesesteak and couldn’t breathe. That showed Spike had “bad parenting,” Howard said. If Howard Eskin had been there, he would have advised Spike, Now, let’s take some time and think about this.

What happened Spike Eskin?

Spike Eskin is leaving Philadelphia and heading up I-95 to New York City. Eskin, the program director at Sportsradio 94.1 WIP, will take over running Audacy’s flagship sports radio station WFAN. “It was a hard decision because I like my job a lot, and I like who I work with a lot,” Eskin said.

What is Spike eskins real first name?

On September 2, 2011 Howard Eskin hosted his last 3 to 7 PM show after nearly 6,000 shows and 25 years in that slot.

Did Eskin leave WIP?

Rod Lakin, the program director for Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, has been hired as WIP’s new brand manager, a fancy title for program director. Jack Keffer, who had been filling in since Eskin left to run WFAN in New York in July, will remain WIP’s assistant program director. Lakin’s first day will be Monday, Oct. 4.

Is Howard Eskin married?

Andi Eskin
Howard Eskin/Spouse

Who is Rhea Hughes married to?

The journalist is currently married to Joe Cohn. He is a former bartender and construction manager. There are no details about when and where Rhea Hughes and Joe Cohn met. After staying together for around four years, the duo welcomed their firstborn kid.

What is wrong with Big Daddy Graham?

According to the morning show’s Angelo Cataldi, Graham had beaten cancer in the past and then, in 2019, was diagnosed with a blood clot on his spine that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Cataldi said Graham never fully recovered and passed away Wednesday night at the age of 68.

Where is Ike Reese?

He currently is the co-host of the Marks and Reese show with Jon Marks on WIP, which airs from 2PM-6PM.

When was Howard Eskin on the morning zoo?

In the mid-1980s, Eskin co-hosted with John DeBella on WMMR ‘s Morning zoo, their combination was advertised as “Sports Rock”. On television Eskin helped launch Fox Station WTXF-TV ‘s Ten O’Clock News as part of its original anchor team from 1986 to 1991.

Where did Don Eskin go to high school?

After Eskin graduated from Northeast High School in Philadelphia in 1968, he got his start in local radio at WFIL-AM when evening shift disc jockey George Michael hired him to be his engineer. Eskin eventually made a name for himself in sports radio by breaking stories and stirring public opinion with his commentaries.

When did Howard Eskin start his TV career?

The award-winning sportscaster first made the transition to television in 1982 when he joined KYW-TV. One of Eskin’s managers at KYW jokes that the sportscaster kept the Eagles in Philadelphia by breaking the story in the 1980s that the owner was trying to sell the team.

When did Howard Eskin move to WIP radio?

Soon thereafter, Eskin moved to WIP, whose station format would shortly become amongst the first full-time sports-talk radio themes in the United States. In 1992, he rejoined KYW-TV and then moved to WCAU-TV in 1996, where he served as a host and contributor to Sports Final until April, 2005.