Is the Goruck GR1 worth it?

So is the GR1 still worth it in 2019 at $395? Yes. Yes because there is no other bag like it and it has not in any way been lessened over time. It is still, hands down, the best backpack money can buy.

Is Goruck GR1 made in USA?

This version of the GR1 pack is manufactured in the USA utilizing only the best materials, including durable 1000D CORDURA and YKK zippers with silent pulls….Gear Specs.

Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Material Type 1000D CORDURA construction
Other Product Specs Volume: 21L or 26L

Where is GR1 made?

the USA
Proudly Overbuilt in the USA It thrives in cities, warzones, and traveling the world while rucking. Our original piece of gear, designed and proven by Special Forces soldiers operating in Baghdad, and versatile enough for New York City.

Can you buy Goruck in stores?

We currently do not sell any of our gear in stores. If you are unsure about your size or which gear is best for you, we always recommend checking out our detailed sizing charts on all product pages as well as emailing us at [email protected] for recommendations.

Is GORUCK GR1 waterproof?

The main body of the GR1 is highly water-resistant by military standards, and it can handle a significant amount of rain before you need to worry about your gear.

How do you break in GORUCK GR1?

Rinse it clean, and hang it to dry (if it’s warm/sunny/nice outside that’s the best option, otherwise indoors can take a few days). This breaks the fabric in quite nicely, however doesn’t do anything to help break the bag in to your body.

How do you tell if Goruck is made in USA?

In addition to the size we also have the country it was built in. If you’re buying a pack on the secondary market ask for a shot of the inside bottom and you should be able to see the tag there. The USA made packs have very small tags sewn into the bottom but they aren’t nearly as descriptive.

Is Goruck made in Vietnam?

And just announced today, GORUCK are introducing a big change. They’re moving the majority (but not all) of their bag manufacturing overseas to Vietnam. Here’s what you need to know about the move…

Who owns Goruck?

Jason McCarthy –
Jason McCarthy – Founder and CEO – GORUCK | LinkedIn.

Which GORUCK should I buy?

The GR1 is a near perfect backpack and the backpack you should get. If you can only have one bag, make it this one and buy a cheap duffel bag if you can’t pack everything in this. The 21L is the better variant for most people. Unless you are tall (say over 6′-2”), you should get the 21L and not worry about it.

Is Aer a BIFL?

Aer. Aer makes great products and has a great warranty, however they have only been around since 2014, not long enough to cement their BIFL status. Their lifetime warranty also only covers the original owner.

How do you break in GR1?