Is Wunderlist available on Android?

Other Wunderlist features now available in To Do include listing groups (folders), steps (subtasks) and file attachments, and sharing and task assignments. To move your lists from Wunderlist to To Do, follow these steps from the company: 1. Download To Do on iOS, Android, Mac or Windows.

What is the best replacement for Wunderlist?

Let’s have a look at a roundup of some of the top Wunderlist alternatives:

  • nTask.
  • Asana.
  • Trello.
  • Todoist – ‘Our Top Pick Among Wunderlist Alternatives List’
  • OmniFocus.
  • Basecamp.
  • Evernote.
  • (formerly DaPulse)

Can you still download Wunderlist?

Available for free on all your devices. Nowadays, we are all using several different devices throughout the day, from mobile and tablets to desktop and web. Knowing this, Wunderlist has gone native on all major platforms — Mac, iPhone, iPad, Web, Android and Windows PC.

Why is Wunderlist going away?

Microsoft says it decided to now move to close down Wunderlist because it has stopped releasing new features for the app and, as the app ages, it will become more difficult to maintain. In addition, it wants to at last focus its full energies on making its To Do app the best alternative to Wunderlist.

What app is similar to Wunderlist?

The 5 Best Wunderlist Alternatives

  1. is an award-winning to-do list and task management software that lets you manage your tasks to drive progress.
  2. Microsoft To Do. Microsoft To Do is where Microsoft wants Wunderlist users to migrate and call home.
  3. Asana.
  4. Trello.
  5. Todoist.

Which is better Wunderlist or Todoist?

Winner — Wunderlist Wunderlist is the only tool out of the three which provides a simple and quick integration with iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Todoist only allows iCal integration for premium users and provides no calendar integration at all.

What app is closest to Wunderlist?

Is Todoist useful?

The good thing is that it’s available for both iOS or Android devices. It allows you flexibility with your tasks as you can add them from anywhere at any time. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop or a mobile device – Todoist works great on both.

What app is replacing Wunderlist?

Microsoft To Do is where Microsoft wants Wunderlist users to migrate and call home. It’s a task management app that is built to make you more productive. Naturally, it syncs with Outlook Tasks and other MS tools, like Microsoft Planner.

What app took the place of Wunderlist?

Microsoft To Do
Five years after Microsoft purchased it, Wunderlist is no more. The popular cloud-based task management app has been officially replaced by Microsoft To Do, which is our pick as a replacement for Wunderlist users.

Which is better wunderlist or Todoist?