What are the benefits of Myotherapy?

A benefit of Myotherapy is to increase mobility and movement efficiency in your body. Myotherapy treatment assists with increasing tissue and joint movement with remedial massage, dry needling and cupping. Subsequently allowing your body to move freely and prevent the painful episodes of injury.

What is the difference between Myotherapy and massage?

Remedial massage is more commonly used to treat non-specific injuries such as muscle tightness or soreness, to provide people with some form of relief, whereas Myotherapy identifies the underlying cause of the injury to aid in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

What is the difference between Myotherapy and physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are able to give you a diagnosis of what your issue is – where Myotherapists and massage therapists are unable to do so. Myotherapists are able to provide you with a general, maintenance massage and they can also assist you with specific muscular tightness and discomfort.

What does a Myotherapist treat?

Myotherapy is a noninvasive therapy that helps treat pain caused by injuries or issues with your muscles or soft tissue. Myotherapists use massage and a variety of other techniques shared by physical therapists and osteopaths to release muscular tension and reduce pain.

Is Myotherapy evidence based?

Myotherapy is an evidence-based practice that includes a full assessment of your presenting complaint.

Can Myotherapy help sciatica?

Although the pain associated with sciatica can be severe, most cases resolve with conservative treatments in a few weeks. Clinical Myotherapy can be very useful for those suffering from sciatica. As part of your treatment plan, our aim is to relieve as much pressure from the Sciatic nerve as possible.

What is myopathy massage?

Myotherapy is a form of soft tissue treatment that is based on remedial massage as well as Western medical, evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation principles.

Is myotherapy evidence based?

How much does a myotherapist earn?

The average salary for a myotherapist is about $61,000 per year. This varies according to where a therapist offers their services. A therapist working in a large hospital will often make more than a therapist working in a small private clinic.

How much do Myotherapists earn?