What does 1000 WOG mean on a valve?

As stated by JLSeagull, WOG stands for water-oil-gas. It should intend the same as CWP (Cold Working Pressure), that is the maximum pressure rating allowed under normal “ambient” temperature conditions, -29°C to 38°C. 1000 WOG is 1000 psi for gas-oil-water.

Is a WOG valve good for steam?

These are cast bronze, full port ball valves suitable for 600 psi water, oil, or gas at ambient temperatures (400 psi in 2-1/2-3″ sizes) and 250 psi steam (200 psi in 2-1/2-3″ sizes). They feature a 2pc body, locking handle, steam rated seats & seals, 316SS ball & blow-out proof stem, and adjustable packing glands.

What do the numbers on valves mean?

Both WOG and CWP refer to the pressure rating of the valve. They are found on the valve body as a number with either WOG or CWP under it. The number represents the pressure rating, ie a 600 with CWP under it would mean the valve is rated to 600 PSI CWP.

What does full port valve mean?

full bore
A full port or sometimes called full bore, ball valve has a straight flow path where there is not a reduction of flow as it travels through the valve. In other words, the internal diameter of the pipe or tubing at the inlet and outlet of the valve has the same diameter as the interior of the ball valve.

Can a water ball valve be used for gas?

Valves are designed, manufactured and tested for specific uses. A valve designed for use with low pressure gases may fail if used for water at normal water pressures. A valve designed for use with water at normal pressures (max of about 100 psi) may not seal on gas at less than 1/2 psi pressure.

What is SWP pressure?

SWP: Steam Working Pressure: This designates the maximum recommended steam pressure a product can operate at. CWP: Cold Working Pressure: This designates the maximum non-shock pressure a product can operate at. “Cold” is generally defined as a range between -20°F to 100°F.

What does yellow handle on ball valve mean?

Yellow. Non-potable water, hot. Water.

What is the Colour code of air on the flow control know?

ANSI/ASME Labeling Standards The following are some of the key color codes to be aware of, though there are others: Fire Quenching Fluids – Red background with White Text. Other Water – Green Background with White Text. Compressed Air – Blue Background with White Text.

What do Wog refer to in the case of valves?

Valves carry two ratings: WOG and WSP (sometimes SWP). WOG stands for the water, oil, and gas rating for the valve and reflects the maximum pressure capability of the valve at 100 F. WSP stands for working steam pressure and reflects the maximum pressure rating for the valve at the highest temperature rating.

What does Wog actually stand for?

WOG: Water Oil Or Gas. Miscellaneous » Unit Measures. Rate it: WOG: Westernised Oriental

Can a wog valve be used for steam?

Some valves can be used on water, oil, and air (WOG) as well as steam. Steam is a more abrasive substance, so the WSP (working steam pressure) rating tends to be lower than the WOG rating. Some items, just as steam traps and steam pressure reducing valves are only used in conjunction with steam, so psi ranges are associated with these items.