What does Czardom mean?

noun. the domain of a czar. the power, authority, or position of a czar.

What is another word for czar?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for czar, like: despot, emperor, king, leader, ruler, baron, tzar, tsarina, autocrat, monarch and tsar.

What is a czar What is the origin of the word?

The word czar is of Slavic origin, etymologically originating from the name Caesar, as with the word tsar, a title of sovereignty, first created and used by the First Bulgarian Empire. The title was later adopted and used by the Serbian Empire and Tsardom of Russia.

What does the word maverick mean in English?

1 : an unbranded range animal especially : a motherless calf. 2 : an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party. maverick. adjective.

What kind of Czardom was seen in Russia?

The closest analogue of the Latin term Moscovia in Russia was “Tsardom of Moscow”, or “Moscow Tsardom” (Московское царство, Moskovskoye tsarstvo), which was used along with the name “Russia”, sometimes in one sentence, as in the name of the 17th century Russian work On the Great and Glorious Russian Moscow State (О …

What is a female czar called?

tsar, also spelled tzar or czar, English feminine tsarina, tzarina, or czarina, title associated primarily with rulers of Russia.

What is the opposite of czar?

Opposite of a person who rules or governs with dominion or power over others. servant. inferior. follower. Noun.

Is it spelled tsar or czar?

Does czar mean Caesar?

Czars have played a role throughout history. Originally the title “czar” was derived from the word Caesar and meant a ruler who was looked upon as claiming the same rank as a Roman emperor. “Tsar,” another spelling, was used as that of the supreme ruler of Bulgaria from 913-1018, 1185-1422 and 1908-1986.

Does czar mean king?

an emperor or king. (often initial capital letter) the former emperor of Russia. an autocratic ruler or leader. any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field: a czar of industry.

Is Maverick a biblical name?

It is a gender-neutral name that can be used for either a boy or a girl. The name also has biblical significance, as in the Holy Bible the name Maverick means ‘a valiant hero’. It is also a variation of the Hebrew word ‘maḇərīq’, which means ‘shiny’ or ‘brilliant’.

What does maverick mean in Hebrew?

Maverick in Hebrew actually means “shiny”, “bright”, “brilliant”.