What is an in-line on off switch?

The in-line switch is a very simple device that interrupts the current flow to the lamp by connecting or disconnecting the hot wire.

What is an inline cord switch?

This inline switch is designed to replace an old broken switch or add a switch to a light or appliance that did not have one before. Make turning lamps on and off at a convenient distance from your chair or bedside by installing an in-line cord switch. The inside of this switch has brass contacts.

What does in-line switch type mean?

It means that the on/off switch is on the cable rather than the lamp. Our lamp is on a desk & the switch isn’t that far away from the base of the lamp so we haven’t had a problem & are pleased with this lamp.

What is single pole switch?

A single pole switch has one input and one output, it has two states; “on” or “off”. They can be wired either normally open or normally closed and can be either latching or momentary. There are two types of single pole switch, these are “single-pole, single throw” and “single pole double throw”.

What is the difference between spt1 and spt2?

The main difference between SPT-1 and SPT-2 electrical cord is in the thickness of insulation. SPT-1 gives you insulation that’s 0.03″ thick while SPT-2 is 0.045″. With 50% thicker insulation, SPT-2 is the Wire of choice for anything that is reaching close to 7-amps. Both SPT-1 and SPT-2 have the same maximum amperage.

Are linears good for typing?

If it’s solely for gaming, Linear switches are what you should get, specifically Speed switches. The smooth and consistent keypress helps with rapid movement. If it’s for typing, then Tactile and Clicky switches are great because of the feedback they provide.

How do you install a lamp cord switch?

Place the blade of a utility knife through the center of the cord at one of the marks. The center of the cord between the two wires will be slightly indented. Press the blade tip through the plastic and split the cord from mark to mark. Follow the indented area exactly as you make this cut.

What is an inline light switch?

An inline switch is a self-contained switch that can be installed on the cord of a lamp. This is useful if you have a lamp where it can be difficult to reach the knob on the base of the socket, like a lamp on a high armoire next to your bed.

What is a cord switch?

Definition of cord switch. : a snap switch mounted at the end of a cord suspended from a ceiling fixture.