What is another word for a prince?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prince, like: sovereign, potentate, royalty, emperor, archduke, princess, emir, duchess, ruler, monarch and duke.

What is a synonym for the word darkness?

dim, dingy, murky, shadowy, shady, sunless, unlit. black, dark-skinned, dusky, ebony, sable, swarthy. gloomy, bleak, dismal, grim, morose, mournful, sad, somber. evil, foul, infernal, sinister, vile, wicked.

What’s another word for station wagon?

Synonyms of station wagon

  • convertible,
  • fastback,
  • hardtop,
  • hatchback,
  • notchback,
  • ragtop,
  • sports car,
  • sport-utility vehicle,

What is prince antonym?

Opposite of a person of high rank, status, power, or influence. princess. queen. dame. duchess.

What is the word prince in French?

prince. More French words for prince. le prince noun. lord. les chic type noun.

What are people who love the dark called?

Nyctophilia means “Love of darkness or night; finding relaxation and comfort in the darkness.” It’s different from insomnia. An insomniac is someone who has difficulty sleeping at night.

What is the adjective of dark?

dark, caliginous, dim, gloomy, unlit, dimmed, dusky, murky, black, darkened, darkish, darksome, dusk, lightless, obscure, pitchy, tenebrific, tenebrous, obscured, rayless, somber, sombre, stygian, pitch-black, pitch-dark, shadowy, unilluminated, dingy, Stygian, unlighted, shady, sunless, poorly lit, crepuscular.

What means shooting brake?

Shooting-brake originated as an early 19th century British term for a vehicle used to carry shooting parties with their equipment and game. The term brake was initially a chassis used to break-in horses — and was subsequently used to describe a motorized vehicle.

What is a station wagon called in Europe?

They’re usually called “estate” or “touring” models in Europe, where they remain a niche product for people who, for whatever reason, can’t bring themselves to buy a sport-utility vehicle.

What is the opposite of lad?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of a young man who is boisterously macho. girl. lass.

What is a good name for a prince?

Common Prince Names

  • Alexander (Greek origin) meaning “conqueror”.
  • Andrew (Greek origin) meaning “manly”.
  • Antony (Latin origin) meaning “from the Antonius family”.
  • Archie (German origin) meaning “bold”.
  • Arthur (Irish origin) meaning “noble”.
  • Augustus (Latin origin) meaning “exalted”.

What is the feminine of prince in French?

The feminine gender noun of a prince is ‘princess’. A princess refers to the daughter of a king or an emperor. The word princess has been derived from the Old French word- Princesse.

Who is the Prince of Darkness in Islam?

Prince of Darkness – (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell.

What does Fielding say about the Prince of Darkness?

Fielding tells us that man is fire, and woman tow, and the Prince of Darkness sets a light to ’em.

Who is the Rock God in Prince of Darkness?

Prince of Darkness is official rock God! Set in a leafy corner of Romania, Genndy Tartakovsky’s lively romp imagines the Prince of Darkness as an overly protective father who has spent 118 years filling his daughter’s head with horror stories about vicious humans.

Who is the Prince of Darkness in Dracula?

Dracula: The Un-Dead is set in 1912 where a series of chilling murders in London and Paris starts a vampire hunt across Europe and the terror of “the prince of darkness ” is unleashed. Ozzy Osborne, her prince of darkness husband, will be publishing his new book very soon and there is talk of him coming over for a promotional tour.