What is Myoplex?

EAS MYOPLEX ORIGINAL. Dietary supplement. To get the best fitness results, you need to recover from your workout with protein and nutrients to refuel and restore your muscles. With 42 grams of protein per serving, Myoplex Original gives your muscles the fuel they need to recover after strength or endurance training.

Which is the best whey protein?

Winner of the coveted “Best Protein Award”, Whey Protein 80 is the gold standard in premium protein shakes, made simply with 100% pure whey protein concentrate.

Is whey protein the best protein for bulking?

There are other options for protein, which you can consider especially if you have allergies or dietary restrictions, but whey protein is the best choice for bulking. Using protein powders in addition to the boost you get from steroid alternatives, you are going to easily achieve your goals for bulking up.

Does whey protein taste good?

Whey protein generally tastes good. From my experience of different proteins (e.g. whey, casein and blends), whey generally tastes the best. I’m guessing that it’s easier to make whey protein powder taste good than it is to do a good job of flavouring other forms of protein. Whey must be more “neutral” on its own.

Is there a substitute of whey protein?

Soy protein is another good substitute for whey protein if you are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy. Egg protein dissolves about as easily as whey protein, promotes muscle growth, provides sustained energy and is a high-quality protein, containing all the amino acids the body needs for repair and growth.