What is the thickest interfacing?

Heavy is great for adding structure to purses or brims of hats. The thickest interfacing we carry is Timtex. Generally, the heavier the fabric you are using, the heavier the interfacing you need. However, your interfacing should be slightly lighter weight than the fabric you are using.

What is heavyweight interfacing?

A non-woven, heavy-weight fusible fabric backing that adds strength and body. It is excellent for home decor projects, apparel accessories and children’s toys. For areas that require extra rigidity use two layers.

What weight should I use for interfacing?

What weight interfacing should be used? Interfacing should be the same weight as the fabric, or a bit lighter. Do NOT use a heavier weight interfacing than the fabric, because the garment won’t drape well.

What is Pellon fabric made of?

High-quality Polyester Material – The Pellon PLF36 Fusible Interfacing is made from high-quality 100% Polyester that works for any light and medium-weight fabrics.

Is Pellon interfacing good for face masks?

Yes, Pellon non-woven interfacing is suitable for use in face masks.

Which Pellon interfacing is non-woven?

Pellon 950F ShirTailor Fusible Interfacing
This fusible interfacing is non-woven, making it a great choice for the center layer of face masks!

What Pellon 50?

50 Pellon® Stabilizer Heavyweight is a sew-in stabilizer for extra firm body and stiffening. It is great for use in printing, visor brims, backpacks, and drapery headers.

What is the lightest weight interfacing?

P44F Lightweight Fusible Interfacing is an ultra lightweight interfacing for light to medium-weight fabrics. It is great for wovens, knits, blouses, and sheer garments. It is excellent for use with crepe de chine, voile, and handkerchief linen fabrics.

Can I use cotton for interfacing?

Muslin and cotton are the best substitutes for interfacing due to the ease they give for interfacing. They can be best used when pre-washed to avoid shrinkage, then a 3.

Which Pellon interfacing is best for face masks?

Currently, “non-woven” interfacing is being recommended by some as an option for filter material, specifically Pellon interfacing 380, 808, 810, 830, 880F, 910, 911FF, 930, 931TD, 950F, and Oly-Fun by Fairfield.