What suit does Daniel Craig wear in James Bond?

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a Tom Ford O’Connor Grey Pinstripe Suit in SPECTRE.

Who made the suits for James Bond?

Anthony Sinclair
Anthony Sinclair, the creator of the famous conduit cut suit worn by Sean Connery in his Bond films… Tailor Anthony Sinclair, best known for providing the suits for Sean Connery in his James Bond…

Who is Daniel Craig’s tailor?

Tom Ford has been one of Bond’s tailors of choice since Quantum Of Solace, meaning only one thing: Craig is used to being superbly suited in beautifully cut black tie on set.

Where does James Bond buy his suits?

Brioni has been a James Bond outfitter for nine years The more famous the actors of the role James Bond became, the more famous the designers of their suits became. With Pierce Brosnan in 1995, Brioni became the first Italian luxury fashion company to equip Bond films.

What suits does Harvey Specter wear?

What brand of suit does Harvey Specter wear? Many wonder what brand of suits Harvey Specter wears. Harvey Specter exclusively wears Tom Ford suits in the early seasons, Gucci suits in the flashback sequences, and bespoke Garrison suits in the later seasons.

Does Harvey Specter wear Tom Ford suits?

Specter loves a good suit and it’s known that every suit he wears on the show is made by Tom Ford. Specter alternates between roughly 10 different suits on the show, meaning he spends $50,000 on suits a year.

How does Harvey Specter tie his tie?

As a general rule, Harvey Specter ties a his ties with the large and symmetrical full Windsor, or Half Windsor knots. In some flashback sequences, Harvey ties his tie using a narrow and asymmetrical 4-in-hand knot. His knots correspond in proportion to his collar type, and feature a tie dimple.

Which brand of suit does James Bond wear?

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a navy Tom Ford O’Connor Windowpane suit in the pre-title scene in SPECTRE. Bond wears the suit in the Mexico action sequence, underneath the black ‘Day of the Dead’ festival suit and mask. The windowpane design can be spotted clearly when Bond shoots with a rifle from the rooftop (a scene shown in the trailers).

How do you dress like James Bond?

How To Dress Like James Bond. The key to James Bond’s light grey suit is the fabric. Fresco is the fabric you want. It is a high twist fabric which gives it an open weave and, as a result, a light and airy feel to keep you cool.

What clothes did James Bond wear?

Shop Frank Foster Shirts. One of the most iconic aspects of early James Bond fashion remains the distinctive two-button “cocktail cuff” on many of the shirts worn by both Sean Connery and Roger Moore in the role.