Where is the clock in Zozo ff6?

Go behind the largest tower in Zozo. You’ll be able to enter another house with a man standing behind a bar; talk to him, and he’ll say that his clock has no minute hands and it’s always pointing the wrong way.

What time do I set the clock in Zozo?

Since everyone in Zozo lies except for the man just outside the Inn, they will tell the player what time it is not, and by process of elimination the player can figure out the correct time: 6:10:50.

Where is Zozo Ffvi?

Zozo is located far to the northeast of Jidoor, secreted in a mountain range.

How do I get shadow ff6?

Shadow is an optional recruit on the first two occasions he joins the party, and is only required in Albrook when the expedition to Thamasa begins, and on the Floating Continent.

Where do I get rust ff6?

Zozo is a mountain in Final Fantasy VI accessible in the World of Ruin when a merchant in Zozo sells the party “Rust-Rid” for a price of a thousand gil. The party can then open the rusted door at the top of the pub and enter Mt. Zozo.

Where do I go after Jidoor ff6?

From Jidoor go south to the Opera House (taking a Chocobo makes the trip much faster).

Where can I find Zozo?

To go to Zozo, go east and north of Jidoor. You can rent a Chocobo in Jidoor and ride it to Zozo if you want to avoid battles.

How do you unlock Cyans chest?

After the battle, exit to the south; this way will lead to a small room covered in silk flowers. There is a letter on the table, and locked treasure chest right by the door. Read the letter to confirm that Cyan has been writing to Lola, and then go through the door to find him.

Is Shadow Relm’s dad?

While not explicitly stated in any version of Final Fantasy VI, it was confirmed in an interview with the developers that Shadow is Relm’s father.

How many ribbons are there in ff6?

five Ribbons
The Ribbon is a helmet any job class can equip, and while it only offers mediocre Defense, it prevents many status ailments. There are a total of five Ribbons. One can be found in the forbidden land of Eureka, guarded by a Ninja, while the rest are found in World of Darkness (each guarded by a Xande’s Clone).

How do you get Terra in world of ruin?

You will find Terra in Mobliz, which is at the very tail end of the Serpent Trench. The Serpent Trench was underwater in the World of Balance, but now it is a very conspicuous serpent shaped continent in the World of Ruin.