Who is Tess Mercer in Superman?

Tess Mercer, birth name Lutessa Lena Luthor, was one of Lex Luthor’s loyal employees. When he disappeared in Smallville, season 7, she took over his business to attempt to find and help him. She also began living in the Luthor mansion.

Did Tess Mercer have a crush on Clark?

In the end of the series, Tess confessed her feelings to Clark Kent and wanted to help him save the Earth from the Kandorian army for redemption.

Is Tess Mercer related to Lex Luthor?

Tess Mercer (born Lutessa Lena Luthor) is Lex Luthor’s former protégée and younger half-sister, and Lionel Luthor’s illegitimate daughter with Pamela Jenkins.

Is Tess Mercer a good guy?

Type of Villain Tess Mercer (born Lutessa Lena Luthor) is a major antagonist in the WB/CW television series Smallville. She is both the former protégé and half-sister of billionaire Lex Luthor.

Who is Lori Luthor?

Lori Luthor is Lex Luthor’s niece.

Is Tess Mercer Mercy Graves?

A character loosely based on Mercy Graves appears in Smallville as Tess Mercer, who is a composite of Mercy, Eve Teschmacher and Lena Luthor, portrayed by Cassidy Freeman. Tess was nicknamed “Mercy” by Oliver Queen. Mercy Graves appears in The CW series Supergirl, portrayed by Rhona Mitra.

Is Tess Mercer LEXS sister?

Lex attempts to tap into the memories of his sister Tess’ consciousness trapped in his own mind to determine what she knows about Superman.

Why was Tess killed Smallville?

Tess was ambushed and kidnaped by several armed men while driving to Smallville to warn Clark about the arrival of Apokolips. Tess is stabbed by Lex. She dies in his arms after infecting him with a neurotoxin which takes away his memories of Smallville and Clark’s secret.

What is the real name of Lena Luthor?

Katie McGrath
Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath)

Lena Luthor
General Information
Real name: Lena Luthor
Media: Supergirl
Portrayed by: Katie McGrath Camille Marty (Young) Lucy Loken (Young) Norah Dobbyn (Young) Samantha Davis (Young)

Who is Lori Luthor father?

Her father is unknown. Lena was a paralyzed invalid, dependent on her teenaged daughter. Lori was on a bridge when it began to collapse, and Superboy and Krypto savd her. They later caught her stealing medicine for her mother from a pharmacy.

Who is Tess Mercer in the TV show Smallville?

Tess Mercer (born Lutessa Lena Luthor) is a major antagonist in the television series Smallville. She is both the former protégé and half-sister of billionaire Lex Luthor. She was recurring antagonist from season 8-9 and major ally season 10 to proganist.

How is Tess Mercer related to Lex Luthor?

I just wanted to save the world. Tess Mercer was the loyal lieutenant of Lex Luthor. Though she did not know it for most of her life, she was actually his half-sister. Born November 12, 1984 as Lutessa Lena Luthor, Tess was the result of an affair between Lionel Luthor and his son’s nanny, Pamela Jenkins.

What was the original costume for Tess Mercer?

Emil Hamilton’s original costume design for Tess. While she was Lex’s secondary consciousness she appeared wearing the clothes that she wore when she was killed. The only difference was that her gray button-down coat’s color was changed to green with a big blood stain on it.

Why did Tess Mercer want to save the world?

Tess thought that the Kandorians would be like Clark Kent, and in this way she thought she would be saving the world. Tess helped Zod to achieve some of his goals, but all with the intention to protect and empower her own plans.