Who is the best martial artist in DC?

10 Best Martial Artists In DC Comics

  • 8 Wonder Woman.
  • 7 Nightwing.
  • 6 Ra’s Al Ghul.
  • 5 Richard Dragon.
  • 4 Black Canary.
  • 3 Cassandra Cain.
  • 2 Batman.
  • 1 Lady Shiva.

Who is the best fighter in DC?

Anyways, without further adieu, here are the 10 Best Fighters In DC Comics.

  1. Black Canary. Boxing.
  2. Nightwing. The most famous of all the Robin’s, Dick Grayson is deserving of this list.
  3. Damian Wayne.
  4. David Cain.
  5. Bronze Tiger.
  6. Lady Shiva.
  7. Richard Dragon.
  8. Karate Kid.

Who is the best hand to hand combat fighter in DC?

1 Lady Shiva Is Unrivalled A martial arts grandmaster and deadly assassin, Lady Shiva specializes in taking her opponent’s lives with only her bare hands, as she simply doesn’t need to use a weapon.

Who is the best female fighter in DC?

Looking at some of the more skilled combatants, here is our list of DC’s 10 deadliest female hand-to-hand fighters.

  • 8 Big Barda.
  • 7 Katana.
  • 6 Black Canary.
  • 5 Cassandra Cain.
  • 4 Talia Al Ghul.
  • 3 Silencer.
  • 2 Cheshire.
  • 1 Lady Shiva.

Is Richard Dragon better than Batman?

Supremely skilled at armed and unarmed combat, Richard Dragon is a formidable foe but Batman would be able to take him down. It wouldn’t be an easy fight for Batman- Dragon is a very skilled foe and unlike Batman, he learned to fight to survive.

Can Nightwing defeat Lady Shiva?

5 Lady Shiva Is The Greatest Martial Artist On Earth The amount of people who have been able to beat her is quite small and Nightwing is not among their number. Lady Shiva is the best of the best and has proven more than a match for Nightwing every time they’ve fought. Her reputation precedes her everywhere she goes.

Can Batman beat Richard Dragon?

Can Black Canary beat Batman?

Beating opponents like Superman, Batman, and Superwoman, Black Canary isn’t one to cross. Beating opponents like Superman, Batman, and Superwoman, Canary isn’t one to cross.

Who is strongest DC hero?

10 Strongest DC Human Heroes, Ranked

  1. 1 Shazam Is The World’s Mightiest Mortal.
  2. 2 Black Adam May Be Brutal But He’s Tremendously Strong.
  3. 3 Wonder Woman Is The Strongest Amazon On Earth.
  4. 4 Jon Kent Is Shaping Up To Be As Great As His Father.
  5. 5 Conner Kent Was Never As Strong As Superman But Still Stronger Than Most.

Can Batman beat Shiva?

Lady Shiva has beaten Batman before and he knows it. It isn’t going to make him sloppy; Batman isn’t like other fighters. Using this knowledge, she’ll be able to take advantage of Batman and defeat him handily.

Who are the best martial arts masters in DC Comics?

1. Karate Kid A dude from the future who’s mad martial arts give him the ability to take on and beat even modern day kryptonians! yup he’s skilled, his overconfidence though is his greatest enemy. 2. Richard Dragon The best of the best, he was trained by O-Sense along with Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger.

What kind of martial arts does Batman know?

He is a master of Karate, Leopard and Dragon Kung Fu, though he is also proficient in many more. He has taught batman, Nightwing, both Questions, Huntress and many of the worlds top rated martial artists.

Who is the best gymnast in the DC Universe?

Dick surpasses Bruce in two areas that of leader and athlete. He is arguable the best gymnast in the dc universe and second only to superman in rallying others around him. He can go toe to toe with Bruce and Jason proving his outstanding skill in contrast though he is still below Shiva, Cassandra and Connor.