Who is the lead singer of the Deathstars?

Deathstars is fronted by Andreas Bergh (“Whiplasher Bernadotte”) and saw Erik Halvorsen (“Beast X Electric”) on guitar. The band took on both a radical image and change in musical direction for the album Synthetic Generation .

When did Death Dies Hard by Deathstars come out?

They have also released a single DVD entitled “Termination Bliss EXTENSION”. On 7 November 2008, Deathstars announced on their official Myspace page the full track listing of the newest album, its release date as 30 January 2009, and the first single, ‘Death Dies Hard’ would be aired on Bandit Rock 106.3 Stockholm.

When did Deathglam by Deathstars come out?

On 29 October 2007, Deathstars entered Metrosonic Recording Studios in New York City to begin the recording of their third studio album. The mixing was set for January 2008 with the album scheduled for release during Spring 2008. In a January 2008 interview, Bergh revealed that Deathstars’ third studio album would be titled Deathglam.

Where did the name Deathstars come from in Star Wars?

According to Nightmare Industries in an interview, the name “Deathstars” itself was never intended to be a reference to the Death Star in Star Wars, but was in fact supposed to be an amalgamation of “Death Metal” and “Stars.”

Who is the composer of via the end by Deathstars?

For the next upcoming studio album, Deathstars producer and guitarist, Nightmare Industries, wrote the song “Via The End” when he heard of the suicide of his brother, Jon Nödtveidt.

When did one direction release their third album?

“Little Things” and “Kiss You”, the succeeding singles, became moderate successes. One Direction’s third studio album, Midnight Memories, was released on 25 November 2013. The album was preceded by its lead single “Best Song Ever” and its critically acclaimed second single “Story of My Life”.

What was the lead song of one direction?

The lead single, ” What Makes You Beautiful “, was an international hit, reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart and number four on the US Billboard Hot 100; it has since been certified four and six times platinum in the US and Australia, respectively. Subsequent singles, ” Gotta Be You ” and ” One Thing “, became top ten hits in the UK.