Who owns Wedbush?

Edward W. Wedbush
Wedbush Securities

Type Private
Founder Edward W. Wedbush
Headquarters 1000 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90017
Key people President: Gary L. Wedbush
Website wedbush.com

Is Wedbush a broker dealer?

Since our founding in 1955, Wedbush has been a leader in the financial services industry, providing our clients, both private and institutional, with a wide range of securities brokerage, wealth management, and investment banking services.

How many employees does Wedbush Securities have?

960 employees
How many Employees does Wedbush Securities have? Wedbush Securities has 960 employees.

What is Wedbush stock?

Wedbush is a top liquidity provider for NASDAQ stocks and a member of all major U.S. exchanges. We offer an array of global trading execution services for most stock, bond option, and derivative securities. COMMON.

How much is Edward Wedbush worth?

The Los Angeles Times has a fascinating profile of Edward Wedbush, whose investment company manages more than $15 billion in assets and is valued at $300 million. It turns out that Wedbush has for years — and much to the dismay of his neighbors — left the roof of his house in disrepair.

How old is Edward Wedbush?

Wedbush, Founder of Wedbush Securities Passes Away at the Age of 87.