Why was Assumpta killed off?

Ballykissangel star Stephen Tompkinson wept as he filmed the tragic climax to the new series. Assumpta dies because Dervla wanted to leave the show for other projects.

What happened to Father Peter on Ballykissangel?

Caffrey left Ballykissangel in 1998 after the first four series and, in 2000, ill-health struck again when a stroke left him partially paralysed and with impaired speech.

What happened to Ambrose on Ballykissangel?

BALLYKISSANGEL’S village policeman Ambrose Egan will walk out of the hit Sunday night series after his on-screen wife Niamh has an illicit affair with businessman Sean Dillon. Peter and Niamh have become the show’s firm favourites since Assumpta Fitzgerald, played by Dervla Kirwan, quit the show earlier this year.

How many seasons of Ballykissangel were there?

six seasons
Over the course of its six seasons, Ballykissangel introduced us to many memorable characters, storylines, and scenic views of this small Irish village.

Is Dervla Kirwan married?

Rupert Penry-Jonesm. 2007
Dervla Kirwan/Spouse

Personal life. Kirwan has been married to actor Rupert Penry-Jones since 2007, after a four-year engagement. They are parents to two children, Florence and Peter.

How old was Colin Farrell in Ballykissangel?

22 years old
Colin Farrell Just 22 years old at the time, Farrell found fame playing this Dublin bad boy in the last three seasons of this British dramedy. In the years following his time on Ballykissangel, Farrell saw his career take off, securing roles in films such as Tigerland, and American Outlaws.

Where in Ireland was Ballykissangel filmed?

County Wicklow
In our opinion, no show does this better than the show Ballykissangel, the long-running Irish drama that was filmed in County Wicklow, Ireland.

What is the last episode of Ballykissangel?

Smoke Signals
Ballykissangel/Final episode